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FREE shipping for orders over £30

Humbug (Blue Card with DVD) by Angleo Carbone




  • Vanish a borrowed deck of playing cards except for the chosen card.
  • Visually pass a deck of playing cards through a table.
  • Cause a selected playing card to visually rise up the deck while out-jogged.
  • Perform the classic deck of cards to pocket where the deck in your hands gets smaller as the cards arrive in your pocket one by one.
This amazing gimmick (included) utilizes an optical illusion principle.

Use any Bicycle Poker sized playing card deck. Can be used left or right handed.

No Flaps. No Pulls. No Magnets. No Nonsense.

"I don't buy card tricks but this I want. This shocked me! I'm doing it on TV." -Rocco
"Humbug looks like real magic and it's easy to do. It is soooo clever." - Andy Nyman
"Humbug is one of the most miraculous effects I have seen in years." - Martin Breese
"Humbug is badass! It's a keeper. I hate you." -Nathan Kranzo

Running Time: Approximately 20 mins