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FREE shipping for orders over £40

HOW Wallet by Harry Robson

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Harry Robson presents this brand new card to wallet magic trick. Never before has this trick been done with the spectator handling everything. The spectator holds the wallet, removes the envelope and the card from the wallet. You do not handle anything yourself. You can even make a borrowed ring appear inside the envelope extremely easily. The wallet has taken years to perfect and is extremely easy to use. It even has an instant reset.

Produced from 100% Leather

Can be used as a normal wallet for notes and credit cards.

Tricks you can perform to your spectators all of the following: Ring to Envelope, Coin to Envelope, Signed Card to Wallet, Signed Card to Envelope, Business Card to Wallet.

The trick can be performed from any pocket you choose.

Comes complete with instructional DVD that is also uses multi cameras.

Supplied complete with 10 Envelopes plus 10 Special Loading Gimmicks

"This is the best wallet I have ever seen" - Iain Moran