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How To Rank Your Act on Google by Devin Knight - ebook


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This ebook is ideal for any magician who is finding that their website is simply not bringing in enough enquiries. Your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be up to date in order to gain maximum search results within Google. 

Devin Knight explains the principles and shows you how to optimise your site to get first page search results within search engines and gain more enquiries than your competitors.

It has been proven that the majority of consumers looking to book an entertainer such as a magician now go straight to google. Directories like the yellow pages are fast becoming outdated. The first page of google results is the optimum way to advertise your magic and this book will show you how to do it.

Many magicians use google adwords as an alternative to natural seo results. This can become expensive and does not guarantee you an enquiry when your advert is clicked on. Natural seo results are far more cost effective and have a much longer term effect on your website.

The book has an easy step by step system that will guide through the principles of getting your website to page 1 of google and gain you the enquiries you need. This is an easy to follow manual that teaches you step-by-step three easy ways to get your act listed on page one and stay there. Don't take our word, see for yourself. Go to Google and type in the following search terms:    

Magicians, Mentalists, Clowns, Jugglers, Dancers, Comedians, Hypnotists, Singers and Musicians can all benefit from the information in this ebook.

Pages: 34 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF Format

"How To Rank Your Act On Google" is simply outstanding! It's streamlined, impactful and actionable. Mr.Knight has made an often difficult and complex subject easy to understand. He has provided simple steps any performer can follow in order to optimize Google rankings. An essential read on the topic, and not to be missed!"
- D. Ulin, Los Angeles, California

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