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How to Break In Playing Cards - Free eBook


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We often have magicians contact the magic shop to ask how to break in and prepare a new deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. Sadly, some Magicians start using a brand new deck of playing cards from out of the card box and begin performing right away. They often pass the blame onto the cards for not functioning correctly.


What should we routinely do to make the most of every brand-new Bicycle Playing Cards deck we open? 

The Merchant of Magic has a free 18 page ebook, teaching you a step-by-step practical method for preparing and breaking in Bicycle Playing Cards.


This comprehensive guide is tailored to everyone, from novice cardists to expert illusionists alike. It's overflowing with valuable guidance and effective strategies for optimizing your fresh deck!


You will be shown:

  1. Open and handle a new deck to make it last as long as possible.
  2. Why it’s so important to prepare a new deck.
  3. The breaking-in drill
  4. Detailed moves and techniques to prep the deck
  5. How to know when your Bicycle Playing Cards are ready.
  6. Tips and tricks to make the deck last longer.
  7. and much more.