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Horizon by Matthew Wright

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Professional magician Matthew Wright has created this fresh, modern and practical  invisible thread system that allows you to easily animate a small objects from one hand to another. You can do this with almost no movement.


There are no other thread systems available to magicians that can do what Horizon can!

  • Cause a chosen and signed playing card to remove itself from you deck of playing cards. It will slowly float to your other hand.
  • A playing card box flys straight up into your hand with very little motion from the hands.
  • Show a £10 note jumping from your wallet, moving across a table and flying to your open hand.
  • spin and balance a playing card on its corner, surrounded by people and you simple hold out your hand and the magic happens.

Make things fly, like a signed playing card from inside a deck of playing cards, or a £5 note from inside a wallet has not been possible for magicians. Now it finally is something you can do! 

Horizon will have you performing nature defying levitations and animations of money, playing cards, match books, playing  card boxes, business cards, credit cards and more that works for close up, stage or parlor performing.

The DVD and gimmicks included provide everything you need to start immediately.