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Hopping Half Old English Penny and Half Crown Set

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The Hopping Half Set is one of our best selling coin magic tricks, and for good reason too! The magic trick is a complete routine, so even if you do not perform another coin magic trick it will make you seem like a master of sleight of hand, without having to know ANY!

Hopping Halves is a set that packs small and plays BIG coins magically appear back in your hand over and over again! Hopping Halves also involves little to no sleight of hand to operate the custom machined gimmicks, if you can lift a coin out of your hand as you close your hand into a fist you can perform this fantastic coin magic trick!

You show two coins on your open palm and remove one of them as you close your hand into a fist. This coin is placed into your pocket yet when you open your hand you STILL have the two coins! The process is repeated over and over again, each time a coin is fairly removed and then it reappears back in your closed fist! As a finale, just as the spectators are catching on that there will always be two coins in your hand, you fairly remove one coin (showing it openly both sides) and place it into your pocket. When the spectators second guess you and state you will have two coins left in your hand you open your closed fist to show that you have nothing left, all the coins have vanished!