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Holy Grail of Mentalism - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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(Any Card At Any Number And Other Reputation Making Effects)

By: STUART CASSELS (The Photo Wizard)

And: Psychological Magic Advisor JONATHAN ROYLE



Within the pages of this 55 page information packed PDF E-Book you will learn one of the cleanest & most impressive looking (to an audience) versions of the legendary “Berglas Effect” that has ever been released to the Magic World.


Here’s what Marc Paul (Voted The Worlds Greatest Mind Reader) and a personal expert on the ACAAN plot had to say after reading this PDF…


Thanks for "The Holy Grail of Mentalism". There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create "real miracles". I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same"


There are several versions and methods for achieving a near perfect ACAAN effect (in the minds of a lay audience and in some cases even in the eyes of Magicians) explained within the pages of this manuscript and its true to say (based on dictionary definition) that absolutely no Stooges or Shills are used in any of them, indeed all who participate in the effects, will due to their clever construction be equally amazed and impressed as the watching audience.


Here’s a recent review from a user of The Magic Café relating only to “The Da Vinci Code” version of ACAAN which is the first of several methods taught within these pages.


Stewart claims his version follows all criteria for the Berglas Effect:
01) The cards are on view before the effect starts.
02) A spectator freely names any playing card. They are not a stooge and can freely choose any one of the 52 cards with no restrictions.
03) Another spectator freely names any number between 1 and 52. They are not a stooge and have a free choice, no restrictions.
04) A third person is invited to count down to the chosen number. The performer does not touch the cards.
05) The card discovered by the 3rd freely chosen spectator (no stooge) at the exact position of the number freely chosen by the second spectator is found to exactly match the playing card freely chosen by the first spectator

In my opinion, his version follows these guidelines 95%

CARD WIZ – 21/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


In truth it’s the author and creator’s belief that performed correctly “The Da Vinci Code” method of ACAAN which he teaches meets all of these criteria 100%.


To this end consider these words from “Reality is Plastic” author Anthony Jacquin:


“This is a decent quality release. I love the effect, I am happy with the method and pleasantly surprised at the level of detail in the PDF. The effect on the audience is that they have experienced the perfect Berglas Effect”



Amongst the methods, techniques & Bonus Reputation making effects explained in clear step by step detail in this PDF are:


*The Berglas Effect – (The Da Vinci Code Approach)


*A Unique & Mind Blowing “Out” for use in some ACAAN (and other similar effects)


*An apparently “impromptu” method of The Da Vinci Code Approach ACAAN which can genuinely use an audience members borrowed deck.


*Karrel Fox Style ACAAN – (Inspired By One Of his Tricks)


*Jonathan Royles Svengali Pitch ACAAN (As performed on many thousands of occasions during his time as a dem artiste for Marvin’s Magic)


*Stuart Cassel’s seemingly “totally impromptu” method for ACAAN.


*Two Easy ACAAN methods for use on TV & Radio Shows.


*A discussion on the True Methods Used by David Berglas?


*BONUS EFFECT 01 – “Impromptu” Signed Card Through Window.      


*BONUS EFFECT 02 – “Impromptu” Signed Card in Beer Bottle.


*BONUS EFFECT 03 – The Ultimate Borrowed – Signed – Visible – Bending & Straightening Coin Routine.


*A discussion and insight into “How to Create TRUE MIRACLES”


*Also revealed are numerous Psychological Ploys & Covert Magical & Mentalism methods & approaches which you will want to use in many other effects and routines that you perform.  


*SPECIAL FREE BONUS – The PDF contains details (secret web links) allowing you the reader to download a FREE 513 page course on all areas of Hypnosis and also a FREE course on Bizarre Mentalism & Psychic Cold Reading.



Before you make the intelligent decision to order now, take a look at some of the things people have already been saying about “The Holy Grail of Mentalism”


The way it stands people can make yours up and be performing an excellent version of the ACAAN in no time! For the fans of ACAAN, I'm sure Stuart will get you thinking in new ways!

COLIN McLEOD – 21/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


In truth Stuarts PDF is a little like Marmite, your either going to love it or hate it! But Personally I’ve been performing Stuart Cassel’s various version’s (all of which are in his PDF) of ACAAN for quite some time now and I can honestly say that these effects and the bonus material he includes such as his apparently impromptu Signed Card Through Window and Signed Card in Beer Bottle using an audience members own deck of cards are absolute mind blowers and true reputation makers! I’d say that if your serious about your Magic and Mentalism then you owe it to yourself to order a copy of this PDF today.



First of all I can see your method, with the proper wording, working completely perfectly. I already love it!

BOBSER – 14/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


"I am dead pleased that I ordered this ebook. Not only does it deliver on its promise of the Berglas effect -- the invention of which amazes me more than the trick itself! -- but it also gives several variations. And then, it goes on to give some unexpected bonus effects. Although I am a mere amateur, all of these magic effects are well within my abilities."
With thanks, and warm regards,


I am not sure if this idea has been used & published in an ACAAN before, but if Stewart is the first to apply this idea to his ACAAN, which can be used for other tricks, I congratulate him for his creativity and his kindness for releasing the effect, for if one really knows how to use this weapon, he/she can probably earn a fine reputation. After reading it two or three times, this effect will not be easy, but my predicted 9/10 success rate is plenty to call this effect worth while, unless you don't have "balls of steel".

CARD WIZ – 23/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


For those not familiar with the types of principles used in Stuart's various routines, I'm sure that they would get their money's worth in learning ideas formerly presented by Karrel Fox and by Wayne Dobson, as well as Jonathan Royale.

ENTITY – 19/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


For someone who enjoys cards, this is going to be rather thought provoking.

COLIN McLEOD – 20/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


I actually do think the effect is quite good given the right audience and very good performing skills

A BROWN 1968 – 23/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


I'm not afraid of bold routines what-so-ever and in fact using them gets me all excited. This is one method that requires a great deal of skill on the part of the performer in the area of spectator management. Many will be terrified at the thought of performing this; it’s just a case of personal taste and experience.

I think the thing is well described with every point covered and thought out. Is it the holy grail of any card...well there are still debates between religions on what the promised land is, so there is no doubt that any manuscript on this sought after plot will be one that some enjoy and others do not.


If you're looking to put an any card routine in to your rep. then I've always found it useful to have all the facts, all the angles in front of me and then I can construct something that works in my own style. However that style will certainly not work for anyone else, it will be formed for that single performer, his style attitude and presentation.


One further point on this modus operandi being offered is that the methods and ideas shared will prove of use for other applications. Ideas that perhaps you've overlooked in the past may be seen in a shining new light.

KEN DYNE – 21/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


RATING: 4.7/5 - Really good effect with difficult, fun & risky method, that can be used for other effects, and definitely has potential. This is the best version of ACAAN in regards to the Berglas Effect that I have purchased so far. If I created the effect I would not sell it.

CARD WIZ – 21-03-09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


Stuart is a flipping clever sod and I look forward to him fooling me with this in person!

COLIN McLEOD – 21/03/09 -  The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


As Stuart has mentioned I've performed this routine a bunch of times for the lay public and I've never yet hit a snag or a problem with it. NOR to my knowledge have I had anybody work out the method after the trick by discussion with each other. So I stand by Stuart's method.

ROBERT TEMPLE  – 20/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts) - 

Had only the time to scan through quickly. All I can say right now is, clever thinking! From the methodology to the subtleties and presentational tips. Everything is well thought out. Like with all effects coming out, some will love it, some not. But even if you decide to don´t give it a try, the ebook is full of ideas that can give you "food for thought". Especially for people who love the ACAAN plot. Those people can´t go wrong with this work.

NATHANIEL – 19/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


The method is one which definitely will work and for someone looking to perform this routine this method should definitely be considered!


COLIN McLEOD – 19/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


Well done man! Fantastic!!!!!!!!! This has to PROVE that your stuff is phenomenal!!!!!

BOBSER – 19/03/09 - The Magic Café (Penny For Your Thoughts)


“This is a decent quality release. I love the effect, I am happy with the method and pleasantly surprised at the level of detail in the PDF. The effect on the audience is that they have experienced the perfect Berglas Effect. As the author points out to achieve that there must be a compromise, there is no Holy Grail. The benefits of the compromise used far outweigh the drawbacks. The effect is written up clearly with good explanation and justification for the simple moves that make it work. It is in my mind best used as a stage effect with three people who do not know each other but could be used in other environments. All in all this is a nice piece of work. Well referenced and definitely worth the money”