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Hole Shake

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'Brilliant! Having so much fun with this trick. It's easy, and exactly the type of thing I like to show my mates to destroy their sanity. Highly recommended' - S Cathrington

You show everyone a playing cards and point out four holes, one in each corner. There is no trickery; they really are there.

Just by shaking the card, the four holes suddenly jump to the middle of the playing card!

Give the card a final shake and all four holes visibly vanish, The holes have GONE! Both sides of the fully restored playing card can be shown to everyone.

It's so easy to do because the card is doing the work for you. Just carry it in your bag or wallet and you have an instant trick to drive everyone crazy. It's impossible to work out...

The holes jump from the corners to the centre and then disappear!

No need for any black art, mirrors, hidden assistants, or clever illusion, these holes are real and they move!

Perfect for beginners and powerful for pro magicians, Hole Shake is quick, visual magic that you can do anywhere, and there's no sleight of hand of moves. If you can hold a playing card in your hand, you can do this trick. 

Hole shake resets instantly. We include a plastic card case to protect your investment.

Here's how we perform it in the magic shop - We explain how decks of cards Las Vegas are only used for a single shift. After that, they punch holes in the cards and sell the decks as collectable souvenirs.

We then show how gamblers restore the cards so they can sneak them back into play in order to cheat with extra cards. They use magic to heal the cards...

You get everything you need to perform this trick over and over again. A gimmicked Bicycle card, plastic card wallet and detailed instructions.

Made with original Bicycle cards, the value of the face, and back colour is random