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Hide - Latex by Nefesch - DVD

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If you are looking for a visual close up magic tricks that will melt your spectator's mind then Latex by Magic Tao is the magic trick for you! A borrowed, signed coin is placed very fairly into a balloon and the balloon is inflated. You can hear the coin bouncing around inside the balloon, you are not palming or switching the coin, their coin really is INSIDE the balloon.

Impossibly and visually you begin to rub the balloon and the coin begins to emerge through the side of the balloon! Again it really IS their signed coin, their signature is there, clear as day.You can even stop with the coin half in and half out of the balloon.

 Finally you pluck the coin from the balloon and hand it back to the spectator, and there is no hole to be seen on the side of the balloon (it is of course still inflated!).

The balloon can even be popped and then immediately restored in a very fair manner.


Here are some important facts to consider:

All throughout Latex by Magic Tao you can show your hands empty.

No duplicate coins or signatures are used

The coin can be borrowed

No Palming is required to perform Latex

Start clean and end clean

Can be performed surrounded



"The MOST VISUAL balloon trick I have ever seen!" - Dan Hauss

"This is a close up miracle, extremely visual and extremely easy! " - Ben Williams