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Hidden Within - by Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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To hide in plain sight

is a wonderful thing! 

A secret message appears from within the

words on your card, revealing a shocking prediction!


Erick Castle is back and with an amazing, off-beat effect that goes from strange to stranger for the spectator.

A spectator is offered a playing card from a completely shuffled deck and the card is remembered and replaced. The deck is then shuffled again and it is replaced back into its box.

The performer hands a business card over to the spectator and she is instructed to read aloud for the group what is written on the back of the business card. The writing sounds like a horoscope message which reveals nothing untoward. However when the spectator is asked to relax and begin to read between the lines, or more precisely through the lines things start to make a bit more sense. The spectator reads the message again and with a few guiding instructions a secret message begins to unravel. The writing hidden within instructs the spectator to deal down ten cards.

The performer hands the box over to the spectator who removes the cards from the box and deals down ten cards from the top of the deck.

As the volunteer does this the tenth card comes into view and eerily it has a blank back, apart from the number 10 is written in BLOOD red ink! The card is flipped over to reveal it is the spectator's selection. But the excitement has just begun! The rest of the deck is turned over to reveal the face of every single card is now blank!

Needless to say the audience is stunned by this strange piece of predictive play. The spectator can keep the business card, she may need to call on your services in the future!



Hidden Within is an amazingly strong performance piece which is extremely simple to do, once you know how it all works you will be coming up with your own codes and presentations for this stunningly clever and simple idea. What Erick has done is to bring into play, in a magic way, a technique of code writing that has been around since before Leornardo Da Vinci, 1499 was the first recorded use of this method! This technique was used for sending messages throughout ancient Greece and during WWII by French Resistance messengers.

 This really is a great routine that just builds and builds. This is the sort of card effect that you can't really follow with another card effect, it is that strong, the prediction code alone is intriguing and strange enough for a spectato but when they deal down and see all the revelations with the deck in their own hands it really packs a punch, the fact that they can keep the business card at the end makes sure that they have a great prop to help them weave the tale of the time you, (they WILL remember your name, it is on your card after all!), not just 'some magician' made their world fall down around the!




Points to remember:

No sleight of hand required

No complex gaffs

Perfect for beginners

Multiple revelations within the effect

Packs small plays BIG!





TYPE: PDF ebook for Mac and PC

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

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