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Hidden Agenda - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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THE BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS: A different approach to the Vernon Triumph effect which originally appeared in Stars of Magic.

CARTER'S FOOLER: This is included as a tribute to Arthur Carter who died recently. The original trick appeared in his column in Magigram and I have made only a slight alteration to the final procedure. In its original form the effect would fool most magicians, the slight addition makes the effect even wore impossible to reconstruct. This is also very effective for a lay audience.

ROPE!: In the book 'Reading Is Believing' by Trevor Hall there lies a lovely rope routine entitled "Ti Cheng, Kumati!" Yes, that's the name. It combines a version of the cut and restored rope with 'The Panama Rope Trick.' At the end you appear to have four pieces of rope tied together with three knots The knots are in fact three small pieces of rope tied around one long piece. To restore the rope the knots are trimmed down until they are ready to fall off at which point the rope is pulled taught causing the remaining pieces of knot to fly off.

IT IS WRITTEN: Combines a book test with a diary prediction.

CAPRICE: This is a much improved version of 'The Extractors' which appeared in my book , "Close-up to the Point (1984). This combines aspects of Carlyles "Homing Card" and Vernon's "Travellers."

THE GATHERING: The following is streamlined handling of 'Collector's Item' which I published in 'Close-Up to the Point' (1984). The effect is the classic Roy Walton "The Collectors" but without any sleights.

TWO PACKS BUT WITH A SINGLE THOUGHT: In Hofzinser's Card Conjuring there are many masterpieces. One of these is "Domination of Thought" (2nd method) which was later adopted by both George Armstrong and Eddie Joseph and sold as Premonition (each with their own name on them).

THE CON ARTIST: It is a two stage effect utilizing the Bottom Deal. it may appeal to some. The second stage was partly inspired by an idea shown to me by Neil Smith.

DIVISORY CAPACITY: Two chosen cards are found in a surprising manner despite the fairness of the procedure.

THE 5 POINT 5 TRICK: A variation on the classic gag 'The 31/2 of Clubs' (why always Clubs?).

ALTERNATIVE UPDATE: In the book Alternative Card Magic I included an effect entitled "Change of Departure." Thist was based on Alex Elmsley's "Point of Departure." What follows is more logical than my first version and still incorporates the Roy Walton two Ace suggestion from the first version.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3: Here is a simple and direct approach to the classic lone-ahead' triple prediction. It can be performed close up or on a stage.