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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Hermit of Dreams



By Docc Hilford & Kenton Knepper

Know the Thoughts of Others!

For years magicians have had requests from the audience to "read my mind" or "tell my fortune." Most magicians have little experience in personal reading techniques or have precious little time to learn about them. Additionally, there are hundreds of methods available: palm reading, Tarot cards, crystal gazing, etc. Where does one begin?

At last, here's an extremely simple method of ascertaining what is on the mind of any spectator, combined with a killer trick that's sure to leave them believing you are the master of all the elements!
Here's the effect: After you've been asked by a member of the audience to tell their fortune, you give them a special group of cards with issues written. Each issue is associated with a particular playing card. Written below the issue is also a remedy to the issue. The spectator secretly chooses a single issue card. From a borrowed deck, you have selected the only playing card that matches their selection!

If you could really read a person's thoughts, this is how it would look!

No memorization required
Instantly repeat the effect with a different outcome
Contains detailed 15-page manuscript.