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Hermes by Phedon Bilek - Book



When it comes to mentalism routines, very few things come close to the impact and wonder that can be achieved via a two-person coding system. A well-executed two-person act will never fail to astound any audience and best of all, once learned, it is 100% prop-less and totally impromptu. So long as you can hear your partner, you are all set to blow your audience's minds any time, any place anywhere.

After recognizing the benefits of being able to perform such routines with his wife Flora, Phedon embarked upon a journey to find the ultimate system with two key criteria in mind. Owing to the fact that Flora is not> a mentalist, the system had to be very easy to learn, and secondly, the system had to be quick to commit to memory.

Those who are familiar with any of Phedon's prior releases will know that he strives for perfection in everything that he does. His routines not only look real, but they feel real too. Owing to his exacting standards Phedon was unable to find a system that fit his requirements and as such he decided to put his mind to creating his own.

It is important to recognize that 'Hermes' was not designed as a system that Phedon ever planned on releasing, instead, it was a system that he devised solely for his own personal use, one that would be quick to teach his wife and so easy to remember that it was almost impossible to forget.

The resulting system 'Hermes' is one that Phedon has meticulously refined via countless casual and professional performances over a period of several years. Of all the effects that Phedon has created, he cites 'Hermes' as the one that has established the strongest of reputations for both him and his wife.

In many respects, this system would have remained a personal secret had it not been for the briefest mention of it hidden within the footnotes of 'Orpheus' (which is expected to go to print in late 2023). It was only after his proofreader, Ian 'Rasp' Cheetham's interrogation that he was finally persuaded to reveal all.

Phedon is very careful to suggest that whilst this system will not allow you to replicate exactly what the Evasons do (ie. it is not a system that is designed to code anything), the limits of this system are really only set by the performer. The primary purpose of this system is to offer a wide array of possibilities whilst remaining easy to learn and master.

"Those that know me, know that I'm not a performer, and probably class me as an 'Armchair Mentalist However, I have for a number of years, been interested in two person codes (teaming up with my very close friend, Michael Murray, and raising a few eyebrows and laughs in the process and also held a desire to be able to give readings. But, the lack of confidence and fear of failure always held me back.Recently, I have felt a 'shift' within me, an excitement, as though an accelerant has been poured on burning embers. A feeling of....JUST DO IT!! This 'shift stems from Phedon introducing me to Hermes. A system designed around his lovely wife, Flora, a non-performer...not even an 'Armchair Mentalist!Hermes, is a simple and logical system. A two person code. Simple, but...EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL!"
- lan 'Rasp' Cheetham

Sure, within the pages of 'Hermes', you will learn how to code Numbers, Colours, Denomination Values, Types of Jewellery (and the materials they are made from), Birthdays, Countries/Destinations and more, but this isn't the main focus of the book.

What makes this system unique is the information that can be enciphered and sent with it. It is ultimately the psychic aspect that is the main focus of this book, and the section pertaining to 'Sending Questions and Concerns' is where the true value of this system shines through.

Consider this, with a simple, innocent sentence or question sent to your partner, she will be able to accurately determine your participant's concern, question or goal, and therefore she will be able to not only address the latter but also answer it in the most mystifying of ways. Best of all, this is equally as beautiful to experience as it is to watch.

As is a hallmark of Phedon's work, he not only teaches the system in full but goes even further to offer some priceless tips (for both the sender and the receiver) which have been hard earned through years of performing experience. The tips and advice offered within this book will not only help to prevent any miscommunication between the sender and receiver but more importantly, will ultimately result in demonstrations that both look and feel real!

"Wow, amazing stuff. Simple and effective coding system, but the gold is in sending concerns. That is phenomenal. I've never seen anything even close to that. That is the easiest cold read I've ever seen, and it perfectly describes ANY question thought of. Genius. As you perfectly show, just verbally deciphering the code is an effective reading. And, the best part is that I imagine this is the exact way real psychics would answer a question. They would get super specific feelings and answers without knowing precisely what the question is.

It also forces you to seem real as you give the reading. I can see in my head what it would look like as someone deciphered the CODE into a READING and it would look exactly like they were deciphering their FEELINGS into WORDS. It's really brilliant. I wish I could have seen you perform the code because I know I would be clueless, and if I saw the partner give a reading, I would never suspect that all of that information could be coded in a sentence."

- Madison Hagler