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Heads and Tails Prediction by Mickael Chatelain



Do the test at home!
Take a simple coin, any coin of any currency.

What do you think, HEAD or TAILS?

Throw the coin in the air... let it fall on a table for example.
Did you get it right? Heads or tails?

Was it luck, intuition or influence?
Did you influence chance?
Can you guess EVERY TIME which side will fall?

Mickael gives you today a DIABOLICAL method! It will fool your spectators every time! A method so INCREDIBLE, that even professional magicians will be taken in!

Read the description below and tell yourself that you will be able to do it in only a few minutes!


Ask a spectator to take out of his pocket some loose change and select a 10p, 2p and a 50p

Take out 3 small pieces of paper from your wallet, and place them on the table as well.

The 3 papers are numbered from 1 to 3 on the back.
Tell your audience that this is an experiment to see if your hunch is right! Explain that you'll check it at the end.

Now invite your spectator to select either the 2p, the 10p, or the 50p and toss it into the air. 
The spectator picks the 50p and throws it into the air... it spins in the air to fall back into the middle of the table...

Ask your spectator to tell you which side is up?
TAILS, he says.
Now ask him to move it to one of the 3 papers, number 1, 2 or 3! (no forcing).

He selects paper #2 Ok!

The tails side up 50p is now placed in front of paper #2!

Now invite the spectator to pick either the 2p or the 10p... He goes for the 2p and it spins in the air before falling back on the table to finally stop heads up this time!
As before, the spectator moves the 2p to one of the two remaining papers... the #1 or the #3

The #3 paper? Perfect!

The heads up 2p is then placed in front of the #3 paper!

Finally, the 10p is thrown in the air and lands heads up as well!
As for the 2 previous two, it is simply placedd in front of the last remaining paper, namely the #1!

Could you have known everything in advance?

Slowly, pick up and turn over paper number 1 with your fingertips and show it to your viewer!
On the back of it, in big black letters, is written HEADS!
INCREDIBLE! The 50p in front of paper number 1 is on the HEADS side!

Continue with paper number 2!

The 2p in front of paper number 2, is tails up!
Turn over paper number 2 with your fingertips and show it too!
Here again you are right, because in black it says tails!

Now show the 10p, the one in front of paper number 3.
Here again, slowly turn the paper over and show what you had written in advance!
In big black letters is written HEADS! The 10p, of course, is heads up.

A perfect match! A mystery, a miracle!

The spectator flips the 50p, 2p, and 10p himself and then decides on their final location! And yet you knew everything in advance!

Always in your wallet! No preparation! A mentalism effect that can be presented anywhere, with any coins.

  • A real miracle!
  • The method is DIABOLIC!
  • No error, 100% reliable
  • No forcing !
  • No manipulation, IMMEDIATE reset!
  • So clean, really INCREDIBLE!
  • No switch... 3 coins and 3 papers, nothing else!
  • You slowly turn over each paper, no suspicious gestures etc!
The only trick you will ever have in your wallet that requires nothing more than 3 regular coins!