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Head Hacking Tannens Lecture - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Anthony Jacquin lectures at the famous Tannen's Magic Shop in New York City on his approach to performance hypnotism.

Through multiple demonstrations of the set-piece, inductions and routines, he offers his thoughts on increasing responsiveness and achieving better results.

Marcus Lewis and Amit Badiani discuss and demonstrate how they mix hypnosis with their close-up magic.

The Tannen's Magic Lecture is an excellent companion to Reality is Plastic, The Manchurian Approach and The Trilby Connection.

Contents Include: 
Demonstrations of the Approach, Set Up and Set Piece. 
Thoughts on The Jumping Pulse 
Integration with Close-up Magic: Marcus Lewis and Amit Badiani 
Demonstrations of Inductions 
Demonstration of Routines 
Thoughts on Inductions 
Thoughts on Phenomena 
Questions from the Audience 

"Superb! Very easy to follow and FULL of great material! 
Absolutely a must to have!" -Luca Volpe

"The video opens up with an introduction of the lecture with Anthony introducing and framing hypnosis and his style of impromptu hypnosis. Anthony then moves into how to approach, set-up hypnosis, and into some set-pieces/exercises. There is some good information here on the Jacquin Finger Lock as a follow-up to magnetic fingers and how to use it with a large audience in a stage setting, as well as a demonstration and thoughts on the Jumping Pulse (which I really enjoyed as it has become one of my go-to and favourite routines).

Amit and Marcus also each show some of the ways they get into the hypnosis by mixing it with magic. Both styles are different and each will appeal to different performers for different reasons. They each offer simple but thorough outlines on how they approach this, from the initial introduction of the performer, through the magic, and into the inductions. Amit also goes into how he incorporates hypnosis into his performances when working in a restaurant setting, which is something I found freshly informative. This part with Marcus and Amit was one of the highlights of the video for me, as getting into the hypnosis from magic has, at times, felt a little bit clumsy for me. Good information here from Amit and Marcus.

Anthony ends up with a demonstration of a couple of inductions and a few routines and then goes into teaching the material and giving thoughts on how he approaches performance hypnosis in general. I always learn from listening to and/or reading what Anthony has to say, and so this was no different. Good stuff as usual.

The video wraps with a Q & A with the audience and Anthony. Topics covered are: direct vs. indirect hypnosis, troubleshooting when a routine fails, peeking and forcing, some good conversation on some influential books, as well as several other topics.

One of the things I really liked about this release as it relates to some of the other Head Hacking releases is the simplicity and brevity of the lecture format. For those that own Trilby Connection and/or Manchurian Approach, this is a nice companion video to have as it really boils down the techniques Anthony has covered in some of the other videos to the basics and necessities, as well as covers some new territory. While I always want and enjoy a thorough education on any subject, it is nice--once you know the details of a subject--to get back to focusing on some of the big ideas.

For those who own previous Head Hacking products and have an appetite for more, this video is right up your alley. Recommended.

-Mat LaVore