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Happenstance: 1st Weapon by Dani DaOrtiz - Video Download


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Widely known for his seemingly cavalier and carefree style, Legendary magician Dani DaOrtiz shares the first of his "weapons" for the first time ever. Not only will you learn some fantastic tricks, but more importantly, he'll teach all of his subtleties and techniques that take his magic to a whole different plane. Each idea in his "weapons" collection has countless applications and will provide never ending ammo for your magic repertoire.

Happenstance allows a spectator to choose any card and lose it back into the deck, and only they will have the ability to find it. Another spectator could cut the deck, but will of course fail to find the chosen card. The magician could also try their hand, but they too would fail. In the end it is only the selector who holds the ability to find their selection. Is this fate, or merely just happenstance?
  • It's self-working, no sleight of hand required.
  • You can use it as a force or a control, even as a peek!
  • There are many, many applications.
  • You can even use a borrowed deck! It's your life.
You'll get almost an hour of Dani's silly humor and unconventional style. After you learn the basic effect, he dives into some amazing handlings and different uses that really escalate the principle to the max. He'll also show you how to incorporate the method and his techniques into your own routines.