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Eye Candy by Hanson Chien & Eric Ross



THE BIZARRE TRICK OF THE YEAR.A SIDESHOW CLASSIC, PRACTICALLY REMASTEREDWith the sensational release of "HOOK", Eric Ross stunned the magic community by transforming a stage plot into an intimate, closeup thriller. Not only was it thrilling, it was safe, clever, and practically designed for the modern performer. 3 years later, "Eye-Candy" is the next chapter in this thrilling journey.

With a borrowed Tic Tac, the spectator place it in the performers mouth. Slowly but surely, it gets pushed through the INNER LAYER of the face, landing in the socket of the performer's eye! The spectator can even help push the tic tac and FEEL the lump moving inside the face. If the audience is not freaked out already, you can even eat the tic tac for extra gross factor.


Just like "hook", "Eye-Candy" has all the amazing elements that makes this a practical thriller: A modern prop, practical method, easy to setup for walkaround. The entire effect can be performed surrounded. With nothing else visible to the audience, it makes you look truly like a modern wizard.

It also comes with a dedicated carrying case, designed to keep your gimmick in safe, sterile condition, and assist your setup process. It's also designed to take up minimal pocket space.


The most important part of "EYE CANDY" is that it is designed to be 100% SAFE. That's why the gimmick is made of MEDICAL GRADE MATERIALS, the same material used in operation tools by surgeons; the gimmick will not melt, irritate skin, crack or cause harm to the body. To ensure the gimmick is produced with the highest quality, Eric has partnered with Hanson Chien, one of the most reputable prop producers in magic.

There has been many versions of this "Object to eye" plot, but never a Professional, dedicated product designed to help you achieve this effect in a safe, controlled way. If you appreciated how safe "HOOK" is, you will be even more Impressed by "EYE CANDY".


Part of the safety also comes from quality training. More than 40 minutes of expert teaching from Sean Chou, Poker Chen and Eric Ross, walking you through both the safety notes and performance tips, with multiple Live performances and Studio walkthroughs to show you all the different variations. We even brought in people who have never learned this effect before, and filmed their learning process real time, from start to finish. (Spoiler Alert: they all succeeded!)

  • Made of food-safe, medical grade materials
  • Special Carrying Case to keep your gimmick safe
  • Minimal pocket space, fast and easy setup
  • No angle restrictions, can perform surrounded

"This is a classic made iconic with a new made gimmick. It's completely harmless to the performer, yet looks dangerous for the audience."
- Patrick Kun

"Eye Candy is the end all to eye productions! It's a killer effect that went right into my act!"
- Morgan Strebler

"The best bizarre trick of the year! The method seems crazy, but it's perfectly safe."
- Hanson Chien

"The most magical tear you will ever drop."
- Yif

Eye Candy - Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is "Eye Candy", really?
There is a reason why we designed this effect based on "Tic Tacs", a LIGHTWEIGHT object with a POLISHED, SMOOTH surface. This is a much, much safer object than other choices previously used in magic plots involving the eye. As long as you know what you are doing at all times, you would be very safe. So please watch the ENTIRE tutorial and learn carefully; we did everything from our side to produce the safest prop and detailed teaching, it's your job to take good care of yourself during performance.

Is this product a consumable? Do I need to buy refills?
Our gimmick is designed to be reusable and built to last. The only refills you need to buy are the Real Tic Tacs that you actually eat! (OUR PRODUCT DOES NOT COME WITH REALTIC TACS.)

How long is the setup time like?
Less than 30 seconds. You can setup anywhere as long as you are not seen (a bathroom break would work). The carrying case is designed to help you setup from beginning to the end, so it should be very straightforward.

Can I perform EYE CANDY while wearing contact lenses?
Yes. In the trailer, our performers are already wearing contacts while performing, so it is absolutely fine. We have also given extra setting and performing tips for contact-wearing performers, to make sure everyone can do the effect as designed.

Can I REALLY learn this? How steep is the learning curve?
In the tutorial, we invited people who has never done this before to learn with us; all of them we able to get the hang of it within the first few minutes. We have also included the original tutorial from Eric Ross to cover all content from the very inception of this routine.