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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Hanky Panky by Scott Alexander & Puck



The 20th Century Silks taken to the ultimate level! Not only that but it packs small and plays huge! The 20th century silks has been a classic for years for good reason. It is visual magic at its finest and plays well to all audiences. Hanky Panky takes the classic and brings it up to date for the modern audience.

Scott Alexanders Hanky Panky is a full 5 minute routine, involving excellent audience participation comedy and interaction, leading the audience to the kicker finale. Its visual magic at its finest. It is the perfect opener to music, full of humor which has been tried and tested on real live audiences.

Everything required is contained and you receive the complete act ready to learn and perform, along with the tuition, priceless tips covering audience management, and live performance.