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Half And Half - Volume 2 DVD - by Doug Brewer



Practical Magic for the Working Performer!

Stand-up and Be Counted Routine

Coin Catch: How do magicians play catch? Based on Fred Kaps Coins & Silk routine. Simplified and amazing.

Shell Fly: Not again! A super clean and logical extension of the previous routine.

Savior Faire Vanish: A stunning way to instantly vanish 3 coins in a silk.

Cointinuum: a shorter variation of one of Doug's own routines. 3 coins vanish one at a time at the fingertips. Look out for the surprise ending.

Card in Motion Routine

Quick Card Through Table: Make a card visually penetrate up through the table, and a chosen card penetrate down into your hand. All at the same time!

Three-zers: A silly pun leads into a killer revelation of a signed card. Based on ideas from Br. John Hamman and Alex Eimsley.

Imaginary Air Mail Direct from Doug's lecture, a handling of "thought card across" that Gordon Bean loved.

Syd's Quartet Syd Segal's ultra-clean version of LJ's Monarch's Quartet. You'll fool yourself.

Running Time Approximately 50min