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Half And Half - Volume 1 DVD - by Doug Brewer-sale

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Practical Magic for the Working Performer!

Ultimate (?) Wild Coin Routine

History Production: A devilishly clever way to produce 3 coins while ringing in a gaff.

Ultimate (?) Wildcoin: Doug's handling of the classic effect. 3 coins change one at a time into a Chinese coin. A super clean, visual change turns them back to silver.

Payout (Performance only): A favorite from The Unexpected Visitor Vol.1 fits perfectly here.

Chinese Change: The finale for the entire routine brining it all full circle.

A Bill Routine

Transporter Malfunction: Doug's surprising variation of the classic $1 and $5 transposition, based on a routine from Joshua Jay.

Skullcracker Correction: Bob Sheet's visual, in-the-hands change, corrects a horrible situation.

bill2box: A killer ending to the entire routine. They never see it coming.

The Triple Crowns (Based on Larry Jennings' Triple Discovery Routine)

Ace Revelation: Two jokers morph to reveal the Aces.

Royal Crown: A demonstration in cheating leads to a progressive revelation, ending with a Royal Flush.

Australian Crown: A reworking of LJ's Triple Discovery routine to reveal 3 selections in a surprising and magical way.

Shell Game Finale

Borrowed Ring: So you want to end the Shell Game magically? Here's how Doug does it with a borrowed ring.

The Pearl (explanation only): A beautiful surprise ending, particularly useful for your female spectators.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 9min