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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Gonzo - Ultimate Magicians Hold Out Device

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A wondrous, secret gimmick that enables you to spread your fingers wide open and show both sides of your hands completely empty. Roll up your sleeves to just below the elbow to show your bare forearms. Spectators clearly see both sides of your hands and arms before and after each stunning effect. Everything happens in full view as you deliver miracle after miracle.

Put a bottle cap on your spectator's outstretched hand; snap your fingers, and the cap instantly vanishes or changes into a coin.

Show your hands, fingers and arms 100% empty --- then, in a blink, produce and vanish a coin, a bill or a stick of gum.

Use your Lubor's Lens to make an object "look" invisible; then show that the object is really and truly gone! When we say that Gonzo gives you the power to show your hands, fingers and arms completely empty, we're talking real-world, nothing's there, 100% clean. Period. Stand in front of a mirror and take a look at yourself. Roll up your sleeves, wiggle your fingers, spread them wide open, and slowly show both sides of your hands and forearms. That's exactly how your spectators will see you before and after every absolutely killer Gonzo miracle!

Show your bare forearms and your hands and fingers 100% empty on both sides (and, if you like, have your spectators examine them before and after every effect.)

Works with any normal long sleeve shirt, sweater, jacket or hoodie - anything that allows you to roll up your sleeves and show your bare forearms.

Button ups, vests, and jackets are NOT required.

No safety pins, sticky stuff, thread, or complicated hook ups of any kind!

No loops to secretly hold or manipulate. Nothing attached to your clothes.

Nothing ever ditched into the pocket or pants. With Gonzo you can wear any type of pants: Jeans, dress pants, or shorts.

Customize Gonzo to your specific arm size with a simple one-time process; once completed, you can put your Gonzo on or take it off in seconds.

Extremely comfortable --- you'll wear Gonzo all day and not even know it's there.

Instantly access Gonzo at any point in your performance.

Works best with small objects like coins, candy, rings, bottle caps, gum, etc.

Complete with Gonzo Hold-out, special Gonzo goodies, and cool custom Gonzo transport pouch.


'I have received GONZO today and am VERY impressed. It is a workable gimmick in real world conditions but you'll want to be able to choose when and when not to use it as the angles are a bit tricky BUT not too bad.  I think the DVD is fine for what it is. Only half way through watching it but hey, you watch it once and probably never again so if it has the info on it I don't see why a basic DVD would upset anyone. He should have worn a white t-shirt to make the gimmick easier to see on screen though. I think I will have fun playing with this and imagine that most magicians would like it. Seems nicely made to me and for the right moment this is KILLER.' - Nicholas Einhorn


"Gonzo" gets my recommendation: it's worth the money if you are willing to put in the practice to learn how to use it properly and under the circumstances for which it was designed. I wear button-down collared shirts with my sleeves rolled up to my forearm. I also perform standing for one to three people who are standing close to me: I frequently put items on their hands. "Gonzo" is perfect for these circumstances. - Richard Kaufman


Questions and Answers


Can Gonzo be used all day?

 Yes, you can comfortably wear it all day and use it as needed.


Is Gonzo suitable for beginners?

'I have test driven the actual product. While it takes practice, it is not difficult. Strapped one to a complete novice, showed them how hold and move their hands, and they nailed it perfectly on the second try. Once you have the motions understood and the angles understood, then you just practice... Which is simply repeating this relatively easy action until it is fluid and you become fully aware of the sight lines.' - Tom Cutts


Developed and Engineered by Mark Allen
Additional Effects and Handlings by Alex Linian