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Getting The Message - By Cameron Francis - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Cameron Francis


"Getting The Message" is really brilliant!" -- Dave Forrest


A doubly whammy card revelation that is easy to do and completely examinable!


The magician introduces a packet of four blank on both sides cards which he claims are “spirit slates”. He splits the cards into two piles of two cards each. 


Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. The deck is waved over one set of blanks. The magician pushes the top blank card forward. There is now a message on the lower blank card which reads, SPREAD THE DECK.


The deck is spread and in the middle of the pack is a reversed card, one of the selections! 


The deck is now given a wave over the second set of blanks. The top blank card of this packet is pushed forward. There is now a message on the lower card which reads, TURN OVER THE TOP CARD


The magician turns over the top card of the deck. It is not the second selection. The magician looks confused for a moment and then has a revelation. “Perhaps the spirits meant THIS top card...”, he says. The magician gestures to the blank card which had covered the message. This card is turned over and is seen to bear an image of the second selection! 


Everything may now be examined.


This download comes complete with a PDF and a supplemental video which details alternate handlings and ideas. 




TYPE:  PDF Ebook & Supplemental Video for Mac and PC

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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