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Get Small By Cameron Francis - Instant Download


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Here are 10 totally impromptu card magic tricks 


"Hold that Ghost and Thanks to Walton just slapped me in the face with the hand of awesome. I'm always looking for new ways to get the Aces into play, and Thanks to Walton is my new best friend." -- CrestfallenLyric (review from the Magic Cafe)


"Great tricks!" -- Dave Forrest


"(Thanks to Walton is) one of the best versions of Roy's effect I have ever seen! Great work!" -- John Carey


"All strong routines!" -- Peter Duffie



No gaffs or gimmicks! Just pull grab some playing cards out of  your own totally normal deck and you are ready to go! These are card magic tricks you will really perform! 


Distinguished – A little version of Triumph with an awesome finale!


Circular Salad – A version of Aldo Colombini's “Nice Salad”.


Thanks To Walton -- A clean mix of two Walton classic card magic tricks!


Threes -- A teleportation card trick with a crazy ending!


Hold That Ghost – A version of Roy Walton's Ambitious Ghost card magic trick that has a double punch finish.


Courtesy Flush – A killer transpo that works right in your spectator's hands!


Cheating Cards – Four Jokers transform into the four Kings, then two winning hands of Blackjack!


Small Time – A great small card trick assembly routine.


Getting Evener – A small packet “Out Of This World” routine where the spectator does all the work. 


Low Riser – A killer Elevator routine with a twist.