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Genii Magazine February 2020

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February 2020


Murray's Highway to Hollywood by martin Stein

Bowling Night Out for Magicians by Carl Mercurio


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
Now Performing
The Eye by Chloe Olewitz
The Chamber of SecretsFlight of the Phoenix by John Gaughan
Exhumantions by Jon Racherbaumer
Conjuring That Thing in the Envelope by Jim Steinmeyer
Cardopolis Trevor Hall's Direct Mind Reading by David Britland

The Expert at the Kids' Table Repetition is Funny. Repetition is Funny. by David Kaye
Serects Within Secrets Cause and Effect by Jonathan Neal
Left-Handed Happy New Ear by Jeff Prace
Artifices The Color Changing Handkerchief by Roberto Mansilla
Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • It's Alive by Ryan Matney
  • Eggs by Jonathan Friedman
  • Four-Coin Rollout Production by Jason "Jafo" Fields
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Andrew Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule

Books Reviewed by David Britland
  • The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini by Joe Posnanski
  • Ernest Sewell and the London Magical Co. by Philip David Treece
  • Subtle Card Creations Volume 7 by Nick Trost
Tricks Reviewed by Brad Henderson
  • Crimson Deck by Laura London
  • Quatro Wallet by Eran Blizovsky
  • Tic Tac Toe Tattoo by Eran Blizovsky
  • T.G.R. (Together) 2.0 by Snake
  • Stag Three Knife by Joe Mogar
  • Wondrous Coins by Joe Mogar
  • Professional Street Shells by Chef Anton
  • PreDate by Bob Miller
Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
  • Drew Backenstoss Live Act by Drew Backenstoss
  • Fire When Ready by John Bannon
  • Lior Manor Live Act by Lior Manor
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