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Games People Play - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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By Iain Dunford

"Games People Play" is yet another beautiful pagaent of ideas from Iain Dunford." - Sean Waters

"The whole thing is a collection of excellent effects, with great plots, fantastic audience interaction and really strong results. It is wonderful." - Thom Bleasdale

"Hangman is a timeless nostalgic throwback, conjuring up memories and presentational angles that the mentalist should always strive to invoke. I plan to use much of his thoughts as presented here, and am delighted it's being released." - David Meade


Psychic Hangman - many methods, techniques and types of presentations. A group of cards are handed out, people create their own hangman drawing and word. You have one chosen, and are able to divine it. Absolute free choice. No stooges, pre-show or dual reality. Close up/parlour and stage magic.

Postabulations - a post-it note based presentation, using an imaginery business card presentation. A close-up confabulation.

Mind-cell - a highly visual take on Koran's Medaliion. Using a completely different technique. No extra writing, or boons!

Crossed Thoughts - a crossword puzzle visualisation ending in you revealing the word, and a clue that is never written down or verbalised.




TYPE: PDF E-Book 43 pages. 1st Edition.  Download 133KB

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)