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FREE shipping for orders over £40

Fruity Revelations - Warren Singer

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Fruity Revelations are a new, super commercial idea from Warren Singer.

These are the little stickers that you see all the time on fruit, however these stickers have card reveals printed instead of the manufacturer's details. Super easy, super fun and the perfect kicker to any routine that uses fruit such as bill in lemon or chop cup.

In the pack you receive 30 stickers, there are 6 force cards and 5 stickers of each of these to use. They can be reused if you wish, so you will get more than one use out of them which is a great feature.

When buying Fruity Revelations from us here at Merchant of Magic you will have access to a video with ideas and basic handlings for routines to use with your fruit stickers. For the work involved, the reactions you get from this little piece of business is great, so it is a win, win!


Fruity Revelation fruit stickers


As soon as I spoke with Warren about this idea, I loved it. I knew it would go straight into my act, not only that I will always have a few in my wallet should I see any fruit somewhere for that perfect 'impromptu moment' - Ben Williams