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Fresh and ChrisP - By Chris Piercy - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Chris Piercy first came to our attention with the incredible Pierced - Card in Balloon magic trick, he is an extremely creative thinker and a dedicated performer. Within this Instant Download PDF Chris shares all the routines he has been working in live situations for the past couple of years. 

There really is something for everyone in this eBook and the magic tricks cover many different plots from simple magic to bottom dealing. All have been time tested in front of live audiences. 

Here is the foreword written by esteemed card magician - John Carey

"I first met Chris Piercy about 6 months ago at a day of magic in his home town of Weymouth.
I was immediately taken with his warm, friendly manner and enthusiasm for close up magic. I have been lucky enough to see most of this collection performed and can honestly say you will find several strong and visual pieces that can be added to one's repertoire, with just a little bit of effort on your behalf.

Visual is the key word with Chris's work. Lots of strong visual moments occur in nearly all his effects. This makes this collection ideal for the strolling performer and they can be used in a variety of venues. Don't overlook the utility moves Chris supplies too. Lots of creative applications are possible with these.

That's enough from me. Go crack open a deck of cards and have fun. You won't be disappointed.

John Carey 20/3/13

Here is a list of the magic tricks included with Fresh and ChrisP

FOUR OF A KIND PRODUCTION - A four of a kind is selected from a deck of playing cards, this four of a kind production (as the title suggests) is quick and flashy.

BOND'S SEVENS - This magic trick was designed as a trick to follow "four of a kind production". Bond’s Sevens is a very easy and fooling twisting the aces card magic trick.

BLANK ASSEMBLY – This is an ace assembly magic trick with blank cards... (I know weird hey?) Some very convincing routining here.

KNIFED IN THE FACE – A random playing card is spun out from the deck of playing cards and lands back in the deck right next to the spectator’s selected playing card. 

CATCH IT QUICK - This is Knifed in the Face combined with a coincidence card magic trick.

VOODOO FIRETRAP – A magic trick with a voodoo presentation. Burn marks are found to have mysteriously appeared on a selected playing card whilst in the spectator’s hand. 

IMAGINA-TORN – A blank playing card has the corner torn off and this is left to one side. A regular playing card is then chosen and the rest of the blank playing card has a an image is drawn on it. The torn blank card transforms into the selected playing card and then the corner piece that has been there from the start is seen to have changed as well!

IMPRINT – A signed blank playing card morphs into a thought of playing card whilst in the spectator’s hand.

HOTSHOT ACES – This is Chris’s method to produce four Aces from a shuffled deck of playing cards.

THE CRADLE CONTROL – This is Chris’s method to control a selected playing card two card magic tricks in this eBook utilise this control.

POCKETED REVERSAL – In this 3 phase magic trick two cards are found in the magician’s pocket.

THE KELLY OUTJOG CONTROL - Chris has taken the convincing control and the Kelly bottom replacement and combined them to become an all new super control only worthy of the brave and daring (and also normal people too)!

MARKED CARDS – A mystery card magic trick presented under the guise of a marked card, which in fact is true!

APPREHENDED THRICE – Based on James Brown's "Caught 3 times" with a kicker ending that will leave your spectators without a clue!