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Freezer Burn - By Chris Lafferty - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 A collection of 5 truly workable effects introducing ice to magic.

From changing fire to ice from the spectator's borrowed napkin in the feature effect, to dropping their folded up selection into a borrowed glass of water where a block of ice visibly and audibly freezes around it.

Learn how to control the elements in Chill and freeze an amount of your spectator's water in your hands instantly and for a more visual take, pour water into a shot glass where it slowly and visibly becomes frozen as you gently sway it from side to side.

All of the effects in this manuscript use real ice. No slush powder!


Below are just some of the thoughts of the lucky few who found a pre-release copy of Freezer Burn in their inbox... To be considered for review copies in the future, feel free to contact via the contact page.

"Igloo is just so incredibly amazing... it's worth the price of the PDF. Chris is a very creative person and this material is pure gold." (Doug Sewell - /

"Overall, I give Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty an 8/10. These are some very powerful quickie effects, and the concept of effects using ice creates inherent visual beauty." (Micheal Kras - 

"This is a great little manuscript, it contains 5 solid pieces that are on the whole very simple, direct, visual, and easy to perform. Im glad that it uses actual ice, as I feel if you're gonna be turning water into ice, it's nice to be able to let others see for themselves that ice is what it truly is." (Y2John -