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Frea-capped (DVD and Gimmicks) by Kieron Johnson

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Frea-capped - The Ultimate Sharpie Utility Pen for Magicians

As Performed by Magician Troy on TV

Freacapped is an ingenious gimmicked Sharpie marker that allows you to perform an incredibly visual piece of magic with NO SKILL REQUIRED!

Imagine – you uncap your Sharpie and hold the pen and lid in one hand. A little shake and incredibly the lid is back on the Sharpie. You offer to repeat this stunt, but this time you place the pen and the lid between your teeth. With your hands at your side you spin on the spot, and, as you turn to face your audience, the Sharpie has recapped itself.

Utterly impossible. Incredibly visual. TV Magic in the real world.

From the minds of Kieron Johnson, Steve Rowe and Duncan Temple this jaw dropping effect is totally self working. Anybody can perform this incredible trick.

Comes with the special Sharpie Pen, plus material and instruction on how to build your own Freacapped gimmick in almost ANY PEN DESIGN!

“Just BUY IT!’ Alan Rorrison
“You would be a fool to underplay this.” James Brown
“I LOVE it. It’s crazy.” Ravi Mayar