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Fragments of Clarity - By Kris Douglas - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Mind Reading for Close Up Magicians 

 'I think fragmented Clarity is great value for money and worth getting if strong and direct mind reading is your thing.' - One Eyed Jack


Dicing With Reality.

A remote viewing effect with a sure fire mile long head start. This brings together several ideas to create a very strong and direct piece of mind reading which Kris bases around football in the example routine. It allows you to reveal at least two thoughts without having anything written down and no fishing. Though Kris uses English football teams for the example, the principle can be applied to many different categories and things.

Hands Off ACAAN.

An ACAAN that’s 99% hands off, impromptu, and can be performed with a borrowed deck of playing cards.

The Charmer.

A twisted plot involving a peek and her number. This is a fantastic routine that gives you the opportunity to read a mind and get a girls number while you are at it. This routine has proved popular with mentalists looking to solve a problem with a particular peek method and also give the opportunity to deliver an engaging and entertaining piece of mind reading.

Child's Play Cold Reading.

A simple method to memorize basic stock readings. It is a very simple and clever way of memorising the basic stock readings/Barnum statements in cold reading. You should be able to read through this once and be ready to go. It really is child's play!
'Dicing with Reality is an extremely clever routine that I'm SURE people will actually use.' - Atlas Brookings

'Dicing with Reality is a very clever effect that I think will appeal to many. The presentation in the book is primarily of use to British performers but Kris does give you some ideas that would enable you with a bit of thought to use the method in any country.

Hands off ACAAN. I can't believe I'm actually writing this, I can't stand card tricks, but I will be using this on a regular basis! I'm really looking forward to using this at my regular restaurant gig.

The Charmer. Another number divination big deal! Well no, the presentational touches that Kris has built around this effect make it potentially a very engaging piece. I'm not a fan of the plethora of propless number divinations that are so popular in some quartets at the moment, I'd far rather get a peek and then put all my focus on the presentation. This effect as written by Kris you will need prior knowledge of a particular peek but there is really nothing to prevent you using whatever peek method you are comfortable with.

Kris finishes the book with a very simple guide to basic cold reading that some may find useful.

I will definitely be using the ACAAN (still can't believe I'm saying this lol) and The Charmer although as an old guy I'll need to be a wee bit careful with my presentation and I'll be giving some thought to Dicing with Reality an effect that I'm sure will prove very popular with many of you.'- Ewen Wilson


PDF Ebook 38 pages.