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Fractured Mind - Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 Card Tricks 
for the
 Fractured Mind


Twelve New Card Routines
All Using a Regular Deck.

45 Pages - Photo illustrated.

Fully Hyperlinked PDF.




A card attached to a ribbon with a sticker changes into the selection.

Misdirection Monte

A bluff explanation of Three Card Monte ends in the revelation of a previously signed selected card.

Claude Chandler’s “Sideways Changing Card” receives the Duffie treatment.

From Beyond the Veil
A two-card discovery with a little help from the spirit world!


Biddle Wed
Another look at the classic Hofzinser plot where Kings and Queens magically marry!

Dance Steps

More Royal shenanigans.

A self-worker based (loosely) around the Card at any Number plot. The effect is “almost” hands off.


Royal Apex
You cause the four Queens to vanish one by one. Then, in a fast series of actions, you cut the deck into four piles, each with a face up King on top. Finally, you reveal that each King has found his Queen.


Populace Revisited
A different handling for a previous effect that appeared in Covert Concepts. In this version, all four Aces are visible at all times.


Post Production
A trick with an invisible Post-it Note becomes a Miracle with a "visible" Post-it Note!


Searles’ Aces
My handling for an Ace effect that appeared in the Lin Searles Folio of Pallbearers Review. In this version, the X cards that are dropped on each Ace can be shown to be random cards.


Safe Cracker
A Four Spot is inserted into the deck, which you immediately crack open at the middle to reveal a display of four single spots … the four Aces!




'What a bargain. It is an excellent book. Full of photo's to guide you along the way. 

This is full of workable material and that is what this is about. Every effect is a worker! 
I have started performing Post Production and it fried minds. 
What an excellent effect. 

Safe Cracker is an excellent effect. Imagine cracking open a four of spades and the one card instantly transforms in to the four aces. I've seen many handlings for this style of effect but this is the BEST out there. Excellent. 

I'm over the moon with this and I can't wait to get this material in to my walkabout.' - Joel Dickinson



'Just would like to say that I REALLY ENJOYED the material in this collection that can be done with a regular deck! 

Thank you Peter for coming up nice card routines in this collection.' - Andrew Loh




'This book is great, I will deffo use the post - it note one, its brilliant!' - Kyle MacNeill