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Fly on the Wall - By Cedric Taylor - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Cedric Taylor is known by few in the magic community but those that do know of him respect his work and ideas. He has a generally bold ideas with simple methods that are easy to make up and work reliably.

Fly on the Wall is Cedric Taylor’s Instant Download PDF offering to the magic and mentalism community and consists of 5 mentalism routines that Cedric has been using and perfecting for years. Cedric has a great approach to magic and mentalism, he is not interested in the method or how to get to your result, he just cares about the result as this is all that a lay person sees.

Included effects in Fly on the Wall

A Q&A routine where you can reveal the thoughts of 40+ spectators in your audience all whilst walking about within the audience giving a great mind reading feel.

Danielle’s Heart
Danielle’s Heart is another routine that you can adapt to your own ideas. It is Cedric’s system for performing mind reading without your spectator having to write anything down, reveal names, places, even dates of birth with the Danielle’s Heart system.


This is Cedric’s bold and simple method for the pulse stop routine. His method is bold but it does not require any psychological priming, suggestion, hypnosis or any item to restrict blood flow.

Gimme 5
This is Cedric’s mind reading system to help determine which of 5 items a spectator has secretly chosen whilst your back is turned. Two versions are taught for this routine.

The Turning Point
The Turning Point is a book test routine for parlour or stage. Imagine asking spectators to think of small numbers and then having them count along the words to their chosen number. You are now able to tell all of the spectator’s what words they are thinking of!