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This set includes the Floating Card Training Video Download, which you get full access to right away + we ship you 142 x 20-foot lengths of invisible thread ready for separation. + High-quality magicians wax. Everything you need to start floating and spinning your playing cards. If you already have thread and wax, you can download just the training video HERE

Don’t assume this is the same magic floating card trick you get taught in a basic magic starter kit. This is far more than simply making a playing card fly around, this is a professional solid routine built on years of practice and exploring different possibilities.


Leon Mjolnir presents a fantastic array of threadwork. From updated classics to new effects, this download is bound to teach you something new, whether you are an old hand with thread or completely new. Leon has also taken Bob Hummer's original classic and has developed it to allow you to animate two cards at the same time.

Leon devoted a long time to practice and polish his routines, you see this in his choreography and convincing performance. Even if you know the basic method of the floating card trick, you will love watching Leon’s flawless, smooth performance, and his technique will make this a feature effect in your magic.

'Being a thread worker for more than 15 years... you will find here Gold tips that you won't find anywhere else! I'm only 12 min ahead of the video instructions but already saying WOW!' - Lseeyou - The Magic Cafe Review


To start your training, Leon shows you the basics of wax and thread handling and preparation. You will then learn the "Speed Hookup" which is, at its heart, a devious type of LeClair hookup. You won't have seen this technique for anchoring used before... waxless anchoring to the body? that's right... the advantages are a working magician's dream!

This extensive video is more than 50 minutes of teaching. He explains which type of thread he uses in his routine and how to prepare it; of course, you can use your own prefered type of thread or buy the type he uses cheaply.

He teaches his own hookup method, which is very suitable for this type of effect. The Hookup doesn't need you to stick magician wax in your body. Also, this hookup allows you to get a few extra inches of thread if you ever snap it, so it is kind of a simple invisible thread reel built into your body hookup.

He explains his moves to control card levitation, how to flick the card and how to avoid some common problems which you may face.


Here's Leon performing his Floating Card live in a bar. It's raw footage shot on the spectator's phone! Be warned, there's a little strong language from the freaked-out audience!


 Ever wanted to do Invisible Thread effects but worry about breakage? That problem is solved.

Second Hookup:

This uses IT theory in practice. The devious technique gives you a backup length for breakage. You'll also get a great 'out' for breakage if it happens

The Spins:

Traditional Floating Card Spin - The core technique and how magicians traditionally floated cards. This takes it a step further, showing you where the 'catching zone' is located

Snap Spin - A variation and flashy move to start a card spinning.

Kick Spin - A smart controlled spin.

Vertical Spin - a unique spin for social media and confined conditions

Deck Spin- This looks amazing! A spin from the top of the deck of cards/ You will use this A LOT


Wax Tips:

Tips on how to invisibly secure the wax to an anchor point and how to end clean.
This part is pure gold. It's something never really covered in IT texts, so this is valuable stuff.

The Moves:

Hand-to-Hand Tossing- Guide to hand-to-hand card floating.
Around the Body (1)- tips and techniques for the around-the-body float.
Around the Body (2)- More advice and techniques for around-the-body float.
Around the Body (deck spin)- join the deck spin with the around-the-body method.
Vertical Around the Body- Around the body vertical float. Amazing!
Basic Hoop- How to create 'provers' using your arms and fingers.
Figure 8 Hoop- The playing card will circle your arms, one at a time. Amazing!
Vertical Hoop-  Brilliant Vertical method 
Up and Over- flourishing meets card floating 

Thumb Spin- Teaching how to use a Z grip for a visual masterpiece.



how to join various moves together to create a routine.


The core work on centrifugal force to create a smooth spin.

IT Tension:

You will fully understand IT tension and how to ready it in your thread.

Around-the-Body Tips:

Advanced methods and subtle moves for the around-the-body spin.

Around the Body Recovery:

How to deal with a card not going all around you. 

Card Fall:

A must-learn card flourish spin


Floating to Hand:

Bring a playing card to your hands. The importance of the right invisible thread length and to change it during the effect.

PK Pen:

How to make a pen stand on your arm or hand and after give it for examination.


Double Floating Card:

The star of the whole video. It's stunning, and you will LOVE performing this


Around the Body to Double Card:

Transition idea for around the body to Double Card. Great to get in and out the DC phase. 


Haunted Deck:

He uses his own hookup and handling to make a deck of playing cards cut itself to a spectator’s card. You can give everything for examination. We saw similar effects where performers put the deck inside card boxes or in their own hands or even on the ground, but in this version, you put the deck on the table and make the deck cut itself without any apparent move from the performer. 

Cap and Glass:

This is an entertaining multi-phase routine where a normal bottle cap jumps from the cup to the performer’s hand, other phases have multiple jumps from cup to cup and jumps after into the performer’s palm.


What's not to like:

The double floating card needs practice to make it work smoothly and to understand how to untangle th***ds so it will take a little time to master. It is not really negative because it is the nature of magic to practice and practice.

What to love:

He shows which type of materials you can use so you can buy it very cheaply or use your own thread.


The teaching is very good, and he uses visible threads also for the explanation.

Cap and Cups are amazing and make any spectator wonder how it is done!

Double Floating Card is unique and will give you the idea of controlling multiple objects.

A new take in thread hookup and floating card.


If you are a beginner, you will find good material here and solid tricks. If you are an expert in thread works, you will find something to learn because his hookup and handling are very little different. The double floating cap and cups make this invaluable tuition on how to do the floating card trick.


This product is an instant video download. When you purchase, you will receive an invite ebook giving you your own private access to the video tuition. You can then stream or download the video.