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Flicker - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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If you haven't seen or heard of Flicker previously, check out the video above. It's filled with real people, freaking out over an insanely visual piece of magic. No music, no flashy edits, no hype... just the real world reactions that YOU can get with this unique concept. 

...Imagine a colour change that causes a card to flicker back and forth from red to blue, then back to red rapidly WITH NO COVER OR SLEIGHT OF HAND. No angles, gimmicked cards or fancy set ups. Do this surrounded, up close, in any situation... you can't be caught doing anything, because there are no moves! Flicker is an optical illusion that happens without misdirection or knuckle busting skill.


The ebook contains the inside secrets to the Flicker concept, including several thought and ideas not mentioned in the Show No Mercy right up! You'll find not only touches on the original effect, but several other effect using Flicker.

 You'll learn a color changing deck without gimmicks that you can do without ditching extra cards.

You'll learn how to utilize the "instant rough/smooth" principle.

You'll be treated to a triple color change with the Flicker concept, and even a brand new card magic plot called "breaking the law" (and how often do original card magic plots come along???).

You'll quickly realize why these routines sell out at each of Michael's lectures when you see how easy they are to do, and see the reactions they get from real people. Flicker is the idea that magicians all over the world have asked Michael NOT to release...

 And unlike most optical illusion type effects, spectators will not be able to duplicate the feat when you walk away... because Flicker uses FLASH PAPER. Read that again... because you will need to acquire flash paper for Flicker to work. I could go on and on about this effect, but don't take my word for it... check out the reviews!



'I absolutely love Flicker by Michael paul. very simply, very awesome.' - Pete McEwen


'So first off let me say that I hate Michael. I see that he is so creative and gutsy and it fills me with jealousy!!!
OK,ok. So I don't hate him, I really love his thinking and the effects are wonderful. (Dirty rotten smart  Flicker. Color changing card. Red to blue to red. ok are you ready? NO MOVES, NO COVER, NO ANGLES. Sound impossible? yes. I did try this on myself (trust me) and I was smiling for an hour. Almost went blind. Simple. Ok there is a "move" but it is after the fact. (you'll know what I mean when you get the secrets) - Judah Vee


'This is real magic!!! we were specting tricks, no magic. Ja! This trick for me is just a master piece. I performed it to myself like five times. When I did this to my brother he just screamed!!! You have to learn this.' -Pablo Valdes


'It is surprisingly magical. It's the sort of effect that you even impression yourself with, which doesn't happen that often because as I mentioned before, I'm not the best cardician in the world. This though is very nice, the more I do it, the better the reactions get and the more I want to try it with the next group. This works very well as an opener, just because it is a real attention grabber.  Michael also has some nice afterthoughts for this. In fact it is probably the depth he goes into that makes me like the manuscript so much. - Simon Shaw


'Everyone who doesn't have these get these NOW!!' - Christopher Williams


'When us magicians read the description of an effect -we get all excited and then we read the explanation which leaves us with a saddened feeling. NOT FLICKER! Don't even think of dismissing this effect as anything less than a magicial miracle - MacGyver



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