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FREE shipping for orders over £40


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A packet trick you will be performing again and again.


The king of hearts wants a holiday but doesn't know where to go. He gets some brochures (four playing cards, cleanly counted facedown onto the table)...

At his first suggested holiday destination a 'cloud and rain' weather symbol is shown on all four cards.

He tries somewhere else... now the same four cards show a snow symbol! all four have become snow!

He chooses somewhere else: all four cards now show a bright shining sun.

Our plucky king likes the look of this holiday and one of the sun cards is placed down next to him.

NOW FOR THE REALLY AMAZING PART... the remaining three cards are turned over and shown to have become the other three kings, come to join their mate on holiday!

• 3 (yes, three) impossible climaxes. The cards change from showing rain to snow to sun to the remaining kings.

• There are no difficult sleights. Super easy handling.

• Instructions include the basic packet trick handling and a more advanced routine for added impact.

• The specially printed cards are on Bicycle stock.

(Now hear this: All four kings can be examined or used in your next trick – no, they are not switched, they are genuine Bicycle kings.

This great trick will become a mainstay of your repertoire. Get it now!

The specially printed cards are on bicycle stock and include four Kings, Queens or Jacks.