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Fire Stealer - Flash Paper Ignitor



Note: This fire product is intended for magicians over the age of 18. Please be aware that the flash paper necessary for performance is not included in this product. 

Smoke and flame not only enhance the visual appeal of magic but also add excitement and mystery, significantly increasing the audience's anticipation and interest in the magic performance.

Traditional ignition devices often pose challenges for magicians, such as a lack of discreet triggering, instability, exposed heating elements, or conspicuous appearance. Wings Magic's Fire Stealer addresses all of these concerns.

With an appearance almost identical to an ordinary memo clip, Fire Stealer exudes a sense of normalcy and ordinariness. However, when needed, flames can be unleashed with the press of a button on the remote control.

With discreet and stable triggering, a concealed heating wire, and an ordinary appearance, Fire Stealer allows you to focus solely on your performance.

This versatile tool can produce flames safely and reliably. It can stand alone as a single effect or seamlessly integrate into your other routines, such as the torn corner transposition.

Key Features

  • Daily Appearance: Fire Stealer is designed and built to look like a real memo clip. The entire circuit is hidden at the bottom, and it adopts a magnetically opening and closing bottom cover for easy on/off.
  • Heating Wire Concealment: Fire Stealer has made a breakthrough design in the position of the heating wire on the clip, allowing the audience to see the inside of the clip right before and after the performance.
  • Portability: With dimensions of 50.4mm x 50.2mm x 151.7mm and a weight of only 35g, Fire Stealer barely matches the weight of a real memo clip.
  • Durable Battery: Despite its reduced size, the built-in battery provides approximately 3 hours of standby time and approximately 20 minutes of continuous ignition. The rechargeable battery design allows charging anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote Control Distance: According to tests, the range of the Fire Stealer is between 3 meters and 5 meters.
  • Replaceable Battery Design: Fire Stealer uses a removable and replaceable rechargeable battery. Even if it ages in the future, replacement is easy.

What's Included

  • Fire Stealer main prop
  • Remote control
  • Charging cable
  • Accessories for attaching the remote control and replacing the battery
  • Cleaning tool to remove the residual flash paper after performance

Note: Flash paper is not included in the package due to shipping restrictions. You can obtain it separately from a local magic store.