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Faultless - By Jamie Daws - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Faultless is the latest PDF offering from the creator of S.C-A.R-E.D andGatheRing. In the making for just under 5 years and kept underground for the past year. This is for the performer who wants to add pure emotion into his performance. With every aspect of the effect taken into consideration, FAULTLESS is made for the working magician. For the first time, the Torn and Restored card plot has been adapted for a larger audience as well as your normal table hopping clients. Everything explained in depth with clear photos. As well as a brief video showing the restoration stages of the effect from YOUR view and then THEIR view. Nothing has been overlooked.


Cupid and the Devil: The back of the card changes colour during the process of restoring the card. It can even be signed!

My Granddads Finger: My most performed version of Faultless, guaranteed to leave a tear in the eyes of your audience. Whilst creating a visual torn and restored effect. Not only that but your left with a beautifully strange giveaway item that happens in the strangest of ways.

The Swindlers Switch: A pack small, play big version of Faultless that will leave everyone feeling absolutely hustled. Never before has a card transposition been so visual.
PDF Format with over 30 pages and over 70 high quality photos! As well as a short follow along video




Owners of Faultless also get exclusive access to the FAULTLESS PRIVATE FORUM, to exchange ideas and get support, tips and advice of performing this routine. Also included is a FREE BONUS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO which will bring your perfromance of Faultless up to the next level!

You can access this exclusive owners support forum at




  "I've been doing this for a few years now.. I love it." - Alan Rorrison 

 "You wont be disappointed in this, it truly is great! Very visual magic at its best!" - BMWGuy (MagicCafe)

 "Cupid and the Devil' rocks! The 2-piece illusion restoration is so clever and just pure beauty! I can't wait to see what the entire pdf holds! It's brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant, SERIOUSLY! I CAN'T wait to perform this! 'Faultless' gets a 9.5/10 out of me!" - JV (MagicCafe)


TYPE: PDF 20 pages (1.1MB)

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

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