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Fatum The Fortune Teller

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Discover with your spectators that fate has already been determined and everything is written in the stars.

FATUM is a mentalism effect that will predict the future. The word “Fatum” comes from the Latin meaning “fate” or “destiny”. 

What is the fate?

FĀTUM is a two-stage routine for two spectators.

You show some Fortune Cards from a fortune-telling machine. Each spectator tears off a fortune card from the head or tail of the strip (free choice) and reads the fate written on the back.

Now it's time to test their autosuggestion: will they be influenced by the fortune teller's words? To test this, you will use an antique deck containing only sun and moon cards.

Cut about half of the deck and place one-half face down and the other face-up: each spectator will take 7 cards from the front, from the back, or both. (free choice again)

Now they count the number of sun and moon cards they have collected, and they have both collected different numbers of sun and moon cards, but…the number of sun and moon cards they have taken will match the number of sun and moon cards depicted on the front of each fortune card they chose at the start!

In the second part, all cards are shuffled by the spectators and then returned to you. You fan the cards face down before pulling out some cards face down to ask the spectators to guess if they are a sun or moon card.

You place each card according to the spectator's guess. After a few cards, turn the cards over and show that… all sun and moon cards were separated exactly by the instinct of the spectators!


You receive:

  • 16 Luna and 16 Sol cards
  • 24 prediction cards - all unique and in English
  • Jute bag to store your cards
  • Link to instruction (in English, 50 minutes)

If you want to give the spectators the fortune cards too keep, you can do so, refills are also available.

Product highlights:

  • Incredibly easy to perform: you can just concentrate on your presentation!
  • Extremely strong from the viewer's perspective!
  • All principles used are hidden by the attributes and story
  • No slight of hands
  • The fortune cards used by the spectators can be given to them as a memento of this magical experience!