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FREE shipping for orders over £40

FANtasy by Po Cheng Lai - DVD




A host of amazing fan magic techniques taught to you in detail.

Po-Cheng even provides a practice routine to explain and drill every little detail that you nned to know, to master fan manipulation Every fan magic technique is broken down step by step for a unsurpassed learning experience.

This DVD will take you from  beginner to professional, Starting with material for everyone, and taking you though to the more advanced work.  It's THE training guide for Fan tricks.

You will be shown:

Practice Routine
Fan Spin
Introduction Fan Production
Double Fan Production
Split Fan Production techniques
Fan to Silk trick
Fan Color Change trick
Double-Handed Fan Production trick
Triple Fan Production technique
Fan to Confetti trick

You also get two additional bonus sections:
Quick two fans production. (created by Kun-Yi Lin)
Fan Spin Production