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Famous Friends - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Availability: Instant delivery

Ever wanted to have a famous friend? someone who would phone you up in the middle of the pub so all your friends could hear.
Ever wanted to use your Mobile Phone in an Amazing Magic Trick

Now you can do both...

Famous Friends combines a celebrity with a magic trick. You audience and friends will be blown away.

Just imagine this, you’re in the middle of a card trick when your phone starts ringing but instead of answering it normally you put your phone onto speaker mode. (if you phone doesn’t have speaker output, it doesn’t matter it works just as powerfully if you give them to phone to listen to)

The look in their eyes is priceless when they hear the voice of the celebrity coming out of your phone.

The punch line comes when they hear the celebrity announce their chosen card. They just can’t believe what they are hearing.
If your audience can’t believe what they have just heard, Because The Celebrity actually leaves the Message on your Voicemail, you can listern to it again after they have hung up the phone.

You will receive phone calls from 2 Celebrities who are.....

Download a sample demo MP3 to your desktop!
Right Click HERE and choose 'Save Target As'

When you purchase Famous Friends you will receive a Free Bonus item called Radio Waves.

Radio Waves is Magic Radio Broadcasting at its best.

Imagine you have just shown a few friends a Card Trick, but this time your Trick goes wrong you just cant find they chosen card. Arghhhhhh
You get so stressed trying you decide to put the Radio on to relax you to some music. Once the music has finished playing the DJ starts making announcements, you know birthdays, traffic reports and even a strange message from someone how claims to be a Magician. In this message the card which your friend has just chosen is mentioned on live Radio. Amazing. Other another announcement the DJ plays another record.



A Mobile Phone which can play MP3 music files.
For each MP3 maxium 1MB of free Space
A Suitable PC File Manager (standard mobile phone software should fine) to tranfers the files from your PC onto your Mobile Phone

These Audio files will be instantly available to you for download to your PC or Mac 
Not all modern mobile phones will be able to adhere to the above conditions. If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you.

It has been tested on Nokia, Sony Erriscon, Samsung Phones all Phones tested were able to receive files in this way. BUT If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you.