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False Shuffles and Cuts Project by BBM - DVD



Learn an astounding 22 false shuffles and 18 false cuts with a deck of playing cards!

Learn the tricks of the trade of the real pros of card magic.
Our job as magicians is to deceive and entertain whilst doing so. If you can convince without a shadow of doubt that the deck of cards you are using in your routine is completely shuffled then miracles can begin to occur.False shuffles and cuts allow you as a performer to retain control of selected playing cards, multiple selections, mini stacks within your deck and complete stacks that use the whole deck, all whilst making it look absolutely impossible that you are in control.
Simple card magic can suddenly become miraculous with the addition of a good false shuffle and cut. A well executed false shuffle will cause a spectator to let their guard down, they have a limited idea of what we do (most of it is incorrect too, which helps!) and one theory is that we have the cards in some sort of special order, (which we may have!). When you perform a couple of good false shuffles or cuts this theory is completely expelled and the spectators stop looking at the idea of a special order as possible. The whole trick's method may be actually based around the cards being in a special order but as you have just expelled that theory you are now miles ahead of your spectator and they have nowhere to go as far as method is concerned! This is the best place a magician can be in!
These false shuffles and cuts have been selected for you by Liam Montier as the cream of the crop of false shuffles and cuts, these have been fully road tested, they are practical real world and they are also within your grasp, making them tools of the trade that you will actually use!
On top of these 'tools' you will also learn four amazing effects that work perfectly when combined with some of the taught false shuffles and cuts.
Here are the contents of the DVD:

Overhand Shuffles

Basic Overhand False Shuffles

Blind Shuffle

Ireland Shuffle

Running Cut Shuffle

Optical Shuffles

Wiggle Woggle Shuffle

Optical Shuffle

Mike O’Dowd’s Slop Shuffle

Stock Shuffles

The Lift Shuffle

The Jog Shuffle

Swing Cut Shuffle

Bottom Stock Shuffle

Riffle Shuffles

False Riffle Shuffles

The Push Through

The Triumph Shuffle

General Shuffles

Charlier False Shuffle

Up The Ladder


Swing Cut

Swivel Cut

Charlier Cut

Bobby Bernard Cut

Jay Ose Cut

Tarbell 3 Way Cut

Royal Road Cut

Erdnase Cut

Frank Thompson Cut

The Cut

Owen Packard’s Crane Beak Cut

John Bannon’s Flytrap Cut

John Bannon’s Crocodile Cut

Gary Ouellet Cut

Lewis Jones Cut

David Acer’s The Trinary

Mini Sybil


Paul Curry’s THINK OF A CARD


Dai Vernon’s TRIUMPH

Erdnases’ WEIGH