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Explosive Card Magic - By Jamie Adams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Jamie Adams first e-book contains a fantastic collection of close up card magic for the working performer. Amongst the fifteen effects are some new takes on classic plots such as the "ACAAN" and the "Psychological Stop Trick" and some fresh effects such as "Little Willy Wizard" and the "1 In 5 Force"

Effects Included:

Stop Balducci:

This is a wonderful version of the classic stop trick with a difference. A card is selected by a spectator and lost in the deck. A second spectator  cuts the cards a couple of times and selects a card, it is a number card. The magician does not see this card. The magician cleanly deals cards onto the first spectators hand and the second spectator is to shout  stop when you reach the card corresponding to the value of the card they just remembered. The second spectator is asked to turn over the final card dealt... It will be there card.

Ten’s Transposition:

A spectator selects a single card and is asked to remember it. He is then asked to remove three other completely indifferent cards from anywhere in the deck. These four cards are shuffled by the spectator and handed to the magician who looks at them for only a moment before handing them back to the spectator who is instructed to keep hold of the cards. The magician tells him that as he is not a mind reader he’ll have to find the card magically. The spectator is asked to concentrate on his card and as the magician spreads through the face down deck suddenly the thought of card appears face up in the deck! The spectator is amused at this point. He is now told to look at the cards he is holding, he has only three! They are turned over and found to be the three mates of the selected card!

Yours Plus The Four Aces:

The deck is shuffled and the spectator removes any five cards from the deck.  These are then turned over and shown to be all different. They are placed in front of the magician and not touched again till the end of the routine. The deck is once more handed out for shuffling and returned to the magician who riffles through the deck and asks the spectator to merely peek at a card. The magician tables the deck and picks up the five tabled cards that have been on the table the whole time and hands them to the spectator. They are then mixed a little further until only one card remains in the spectator’s hands. The card is turned over only to reveal that is their selected card! You then turn over the four remaining cards to reveal the four aces!

Double Trouble:

During the process of shuffling the cards and cutting four approximately equal packets onto the table the magician reveals the top cards of each packet to be the four aces! He then turns over each packet to reveal the bottom cards to be the four kings!

Little Willy Wizard:

The magician explains that to do his next trick he’ll need the help of his little Willy! Very quickly he produces a business card and draws a matchstick man wearing a wizard’s hat and brandishing a wand. He then explains that this is the little Willy he was talking about and his name is Willy the wizard. The magician sets the business card to one side to allow it to dry. A deck of cards is introduced and a card is selected, signed on the face and then lost in the deck. Next the business card is placed face up onto the deck as the magician explains that by using some floo paper and a little fire that Willy will now attempt to find the selected card. A small piece of tissue paper is rolled into a ball and placed onto the business card. A lighter is introduced and the tissue paper ignited and in an almighty flash Willy is seen to have completely vanished from the business card and all that’s left are the fiery remains. The deck of cards is spread and on the back of one of the playing cards is Willy the wizard! The card is turned over and it is the signed selected card!

Cannon Balled:

Variation of Above.

Impossible Queen:

The magician displays four blank playing cards front and back and then one at a time turns each blank card into a queen!

The 1 In 5 Force:

A utility force with many possible applications.

Jack In The Box:

The effect is that the mate of a seemingly freely selected card has vanished completely from the deck only to be found alone in the card case that has been on view throughout.


A spectator’s selected card is then signed and returned to the deck. The spectator writes the value of the card on a piece of paper and then sets it alight and in an almighty flash the paper vanishes. The deck which has been in the spectators hand throughout is then spread face down on the table to reveal there is a hole burned through the middle of a single playing card. The card is tuned over, it is the signed selected card.

Burnt E.S.P:

A thought of shape appears burnt in the centre of a signed selected card that a spectator has been holding onto all along.

Non-Psychological Stop:

A modern take on a classic effect.

No Way:

A very direct prediction of any named card.  A charming routine that flows smoothly and will blow their socks off.

Round Again:

A reworking of a hidden gem from The Royal Road titled "Round and Round".

Anytime, Any Card At Any Number:

A spectator’s chosen card is returned to the deck. A second spectator names any number. The cards are dealt cleanly onto the table; the selected card will be at the chosen number.

Format:  PDF ebook

Compatability: PC & Mac