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Exhibit A - By Simon Lea - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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In this effect you tell a story with help from some spectators. All the important details are given to you by them and you have no control over what they say. Despite this, these details appear inside a book of matches, inside your pocket. And a card, crucial to story, is missing from a deck that, like the match book, has been inside your pocket the whole time.


This eBook by Simon Lea contains everything you need to perform the effect as a 15mins+ piece. Including tips and jokes for playing it light. Despite the macabre subject matter the laughs come easy with the spectators providing most of them as they adlib the story throughout the effect.

Inspired by film noir and cheap novels you set the scene. A gangland hit in some downtown dive, a small time player wiped out and a big fish in custody waiting for you to send him to big house. You got evidence but that means nothing without the witnesses...