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EVP by Alan Rorrison



"EVP is a genius idea and can be applied in more than one way.... I had to have it on my show!" - Troy

"This is the only thing I have ever (and with some embarrassment) uttered the words 'game changer' about. It's a seance in someone else's pocket."
- Anthony Jaquin

"EVP is the strongest miracle you could ever perform with a borrowed cellphone. You won't believe how genius it is... guaranteed."
- Patrick Kun

DISCLAIMER: To some people, what you're about to perform is beyond their grasp of reality. Use at your own risk.

James Randi has a standing offer of $1,000,000 for proof of life after death. Claims are cheap. Proof is everything. EVP gives you the power to put the apparent PROOF of life after death onto your spectator's phone. A memento they can keep forever and never forget.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are electronic recordings interpreted as voices from the dead or other paranormal sources. Alan Rorrison's latest masterpiece, EVP, allows you to seemingly harvest voices from the other side and make them answer the questions of your spectator ON THEIR PHONE. Your shell-shocked spectator will leave the encounter with the likely evidence of a spirit's voice on their phone, as they replay it over and over, in utter disbelief.

EVP is an incredibly easy to use device in magic to ever allow the spectator to keep the evidence of a seemingly paranormal event on their own phone. Use your newly discovered power wisely.

  • Professionally engineered technology
  • Easy to use, learn & perform
  • Can be used with any spectator's smartphone
  • Can be performed sleeveless
  • Instant reset, repeat over and over
  • Beginners to top pros can use EVP
  • Customizable spirit voice responses
  • Customizable for ANY language
  • No apps, no stooges
  • Full video instructions included with performances
  • Easy to carry, always ready to go
(NOTE: Smartphone required to operate EVP)

Alan would like to extend a massive thank you to James Brown, without his inspiration none of this would have been possible.

Original credit to Cesaral Magic for being the first creator in 2012, that used a spectator's mobile phone for recording EVP



"I was one of the first people to see the full trailer for E.V.P and I got CHILLS just from the trailer. When I saw what it was, I was BLOWN away, I will have E.V.P with me everyday..we have stepped out the realm of magic and into the supernatural....BRILLIANT!!!" Justin Miller

 EVP Questions and Answers


Do I need a smartphone to use EVP?

Yes, a smartphone is required to operate EVP. It works with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or any other that has a voice recorded app.


Will EVP work in any language?

Yes. EVP is totally usable and customisable in any language.


What are the limitations of EVP?

You need to make a voice recording on your phone to perform EVP, so there would be issues if you had to do that in a very noisy environment.


Can the spectator keep the EVP recording?

 Yes. The message is on the spectators phone so they can keep it as a souvenir.


Could I use EVP to have a 'ghost' reveal a playing card?

Yes, you could easily use EVP to reveal a card, and you wouldn't even need to force the card on the spectator! Actually, you could use EVP to reveal anything without the need for a force! Powerful stuff..