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Essential Sol Stone (Paperback) by Stephen Hobbs - Book



At long last, legendary New York magician Sol Stone's best effects have been amassed into a single volume. Here are more than 50 of Sol's favorite effects -- including some of his most closely-guarded secrets -- all completely updated and rewritten, with the full routines and Sol's newest improvements.

The Essential Sol Stone also shares Sol's life story, from his childlike wonder at experiencing the Thurston show, to his brushes with death in WWII; his use of magic as diplomacy; his years on the faculty of Brooklyn College and his successful private practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Sol's is the unusual case of a man with a thriving professional career who is also an outstanding magician -- not a lightweight, but a true master of the art of entertaining with close-up magic.

The book details all the sleights and subtleties in Sol's arsenal, clearly and in isolation, thereby streamlining and simplifying the learning process. Magicians of all skill levels can learn from this master of intimate illusion.

First softcover edition. Published by Meir Yedid Magic. Written by Stephen Hobbs, edited by Richard Kaufman, 350+ crystal-clear illustrations by Cassidy J. Alexander, 304 pages, 6x9 inch, perfect-bound book. Additional introduction by Meir Yedid.

As a special bonus this book includes Sol Stone's first, and little known, book Patter Punches that was published by Abbotts Magic in 1947 and includes 400+ jokes and one-liners covering 40 subjects.

"Sol Stone is one of magic's greatest treasures."
- Richard Kaufman

Sol Stone has "the touch." He manages to find the most subtle, deceptive, and direct way to create the impression of real magic. Lovers of pure magic will be delighted that his work is now available in this beautifully written and illustrated book."
- John Carney

"If it is from Sol Stone's mind it will be great for your hands!"
- Harry Lorayne

"Sol Stone creates intimate miracles that are casual yet devastating. I wish I was more like Sol. After mastering the magic in this book maybe I will be. Highly recommended!"
- Meir Yedid

"Sol Stone was an amazing magician with a storied history. He was a great friend and mentor to all the young magicians growing up around the New York magic scene, including myself. His amazing contributions to the classic book Coinmagic pale with respect to the solid material contained within the Essential Sol Stone. The key word is ESSENTIAL. Get this book!"
- Dr. Michael Rubinstein

"I've been both honored and privileged to have Sol Stone as a friend. Through Sol's inspiration and his guidance I definitely became a better coin magician! Thanx Sol... I miss you!"
- Michael Gallo