Peter Duffie approached some of the top minds in English card magic to contribute to this collection.
This is a fantastic book that contains over 70 effects from the likes of David Britland, Lewis Jones, Roger Crosthwaite and Justin Higham. In fact, here's a full list of contributors:


Jon Allen 
Sad Aces 
Jamie Badman
Call as Ace 
Anthony Brahams 
David Britland 
Progressive Jacks 
Sean Carpenter 
Insertion Technique
Harold Cataquet 
ESP Mental
Lazy Man's Hanging Coins 
Roger Crosthwaite 
Surprise Royal Flush Deal
An Off-Colour Deal
Wayne Dobson 
Vision / Ring Flash-2 
Shiv Duggal 
Girl Talk 
Nicholas Einhorn 
Mark Elsdon 
Station Master
Kevin Fox 
Centrifugal Lift
Centrifugal Elevator 
Andi Gladwin 
Brian Glover 
Interlaced Vanish Revisited
Hot and Cold Card
Magician Makes Good Once Again 
Paul Gordon 
The Eradicator
Mystery of the Number Nine
J R's Twisted
The Mystic Nine
Half a Higham  
Murder to Describe
Stand Up for CATO
Hum Drum
Thumbs Up!
Impromptu Pokertell 
Peter's Foursome
Thanks to Goodliffe
Are We Still Counting?
A Mystic Seven Phase   
A Mystic Seven Phase II
Standing Up for Leipzig & Marlo
What, Another Kick? 
DuffieCrosGord 1, 2, 3 & 4
When I was Twenty-One 
Paul Hallas 
Again, the Aces 
Justin Higham 
Clairvoyant Plus
Clairvoyant Plus Wand
Clairvoyant Plus Name
Clairvoyant Plus Colour 
Andy Hurst 
Cancelled Out
Three Willy
Uno Undo 
Rob James 
Cavort in the Act 
Lewis Jones 
Book of Words
Walt Lees
No-Exchange Do as I Do 
Shaun McCree 
The Devil's Card
Four Ace Repeat Reprise 
Iain Moran 
Kicked Forward
Colourful Triumph 
Andy Nicholls 
Kings 'n Aces
Cop Out 
Jack Parker 
Trial Separation 
Mike Rose 
Cream Tea(sed) 
Al Smith 
Fayre and Squayre
Al's Favourite 
Stephen Tucker 
A Freer Chance 
Dominic Twose 
Magic Cards
Joker Guarantee
The Rotating Hand