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The Complete Card at Any Number Device.

By Dominic Daly


With a standard deck of bicycle cards - No repeating cards and nothing left behind in the box. No shuffling and fully examined you can:

  • Get a spectator to pick a card that matches your prediction.
  • Force a playing card without touching the deck.
  • Have a prediction appear on your business card.
  • Much much more...


You will learn:

Soap (card at any number)

No gimmicked cards and no duplicate cards. The spectator picks a number between 1 and 52, you remove the deck from its box and hand to the spectator. No shuffles and No sleights. Spectator counts to their number turning each card over. The card at their number is the card you have predicted.

The Force

Force a card without touching the deck.
Ask a spectator to name any number between 1 and 52 and use that card for your next effect.

Prediction poker

You have 4 cards that make part of a perfect poker hand you will need 1 card to complete the hand. Spectator names a number and the card at that number is the exact card you would need to complete your perfect poker hand.


Have a red backed card appear at any number named.

Trading places

Have a card selected from a red backed deck and tear the corner off, the spectator holds onto the corner and the rest of the card is returned to the deck and lost within. The deck is handed to the spectator and the card cannot be found. You take out the engineers deck ( blue back) and ask for a number, the spectator deals to this number and their torn card is waiting at that number. The torn corner matches.


Apply the method to blank business cards and have a prediction already written on one card. Whatever number is named is the card with the prediction.


A prediction is made beforehand.
Ask any spectator to add together all the numbers from their date of birth. The total number is used to count down the deck. The card at the number is the correct prediction. See this in action

All of the above routines use a standard deck only. No repeating cards and nothing left behind in the box. No shuffling. Every card can be examined.