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Encore by Kevin Schaller teaches you 3 easy to do effects with playing cards, a paperclip and a mobile phone.

MOBILE COIN - a very deceptive transposition of a signed coin and the battery of your mobile phone. It’s a very easy trick that uses no gimmicks and is almost impromptu.

SEARCH & DESTROY - A paperclip that is clipped to the card box vanishes and reappears on the selected card.

EDGY - The back and front of your prediction changes so it matches with the chosen card.

All the tricks are easy to do and don't need magnets, threads or big gimmicks. Learn 3 easy yet effective routines in 30 minutes of detailed explanation with multiple angles.





'Kevin has constructed these effects very well. They are direct, visual and actually make sense! The video is very well produced and I had no trouble learning the mechanics of the effects and the gimmick construction. Overall this download contains 3 hard hitting effects; I think anyone will find a liking to at least one of them. Excellent work Kevin ' - Liam




'The tricks are top notch guys! Kevin is a really creative guy in magic. I have worked with him, and he's not only unbelievably nice, but also one of the most humble magician's out there.' - Rich Piccone




'This stuff is excellent! I was skeptical when I first saw the trailer, because he is only 16 and I could not believe that a 16 year old can create good, solid material. But I was wrong. It's fantastic!

Support this kid, buy his stuff and wait a few years to see him grow all over the magic market. He will be one of the TOP names.' - Danny



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