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Electric Touch + With DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika



Electric Touch gives you power you can see, hear and feel

"A very powerful way to spark a reaction."  - David Blaine

"It's brilliant and electrifying!" - Cyril

"...Yigal's products are incredibly innovative, clever and a must have for those who want to create miracles anywhere, at any time." - Criss Angel

Top professional magicans around the world swear by Yigal Mesika's magic tricks, and for good reason. They are all made to the highest of quality and they all give you the power to perform amazing miracles with ease. Magicians like Cyril, David Blaine, Criss Angel, Luis De Matos, Hiro Sakai and lots more use Yigal's products in their live performances as well as on their TV specials, they are that good.

Electric Touch Plus allows you to harness the power of electricity so you can deliver an electrostatic shock that will course through your body to your finger tip. Imagine reading someone's mind and they FEEL the thought leave their mind as if it were zapped from their body.


Just one possible way to use Electric Touch Plus: 

Have a spectator choose a playing card, then put the deck away. Ask them to touch their forehead whilst thinking of the card.  Then they touch your forehead and Zappp... and you name the card!  This gets a huge reaction and all you need is Electric Touch Plus and your own favourite way to force a card.


Electric Touch Plus will do this and SO much more. You will not only be able to pass your charge through another spectator to a third person but you will also be able to use your power to charge other items like keys, cutlery, coins and rings. You literally are harnessing the power that is naturally created by the world itself You can do the magic tricks that your spectators want to see! Electric Touch Plus isn't just another one of those magic tricks, it really is perceived as magic, in this day and age this is invaluable.


When Electric Touch was originally brought to the attention of the magic community magicians and mentalists all over the world were questioning whether it was really able to do all the magic tricks it claimed to be able to do. The innovation in the design and technology blew everyone away. Yigal Mesika has now tweaked the technology and improved the original to bring you Electric Touch Plus.

This is your opportunity to perform real magic with no props that literally twist the laws of nature and deliver you amazing the reactions you deserve.

Sending spectators electrostatic "messages" with a mere touch of your finger
Using your power to illuminate fluorescent bulbs
Animating a pile of dry tea leaves, tobacco, confetti, salt or pepper
Bending streams of water with a simple flick of your wrist
Charging any conductive metal object
Creating a spark of energy between any two audience members

The possibilities are endless!

No one can teach you better than the creator of Electric Touch+ himself, Yigal Mesika. Here, on an all-new HD-quality DVD, is your exclusive opportunity to witness Yigal share his closely-guarded subtleties, expert tips and personal routines that will take your magic to the next level and beyond. Electric Touch + will create an immediate sense of excitement and mystery and showcase your supernatural powers in one unforgettable mind-bending audience experience.

First-class quality from the brand you trust
One-of-a-kind patented technology
Adjustable electrostatic output
Improved technology and increased durability
100% hands-free; can be done without a jacket, shirt, or any jewelry
Can be performed both indoors and outdoors
Extremely easy to master

An entirely new HD-quality DVD featuring fresh concepts and routines and magic tricks.

"Everything you touch will turn to excitement!"









Q) How is this different from the older version?
A) Electric Touch + has improved technology which means you can change the current. The included DVD has been totally remade with new ideas, techniques and routines. The device is also much quieter and has been made to be corrosion proof.

Q) Is Electric Touch just used to give electric shocks?
A) No, you it can also be used be animate objects like as, tobacco, confetti, salt or pepper. You can even use it to light up small bulbs. Yigal also shows you how to bend running water.

Q) Is the set up easy and will it take a long time to?
A) You will need to make an adjustment to your clothing. It's nothing complex. Yigal also teaches an extra fast set up as well as the professional version.

Q) Do I need to buy anything else?
A) To set up Electric Touch + with your clothing, you may decide to to have it fitted professionally. Choosing to do this would usually cost approx £15-£20. You don't need to do this, to use Electric Touch, but it's worth the investment.