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EI8HT by Mark Wong - DVD

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Ei8ht gives you an astonishing collection of some of the most mind frying card tricks that have ever been created.


Mark Wong teaches his best card tricks that he has been using professionally to drive is audiences crazy.

The DVD teaches you eight professional card tricks, and also gives you tips on how to perform these tricks in the right way. The card tricks on this DVD are easy to learn and suitable for beginners or more experiences magicians


Ambitious Aces
Four aces are displayed. The spectator chooses either the red or the black aces. The chosen playing cards are then added onto the bottom of the four card piles. Impossibly, the chosen aces just keep jumping to the top of the card piles. Finally, the chosen playing cards are placed onto a table and the playing cards swap places from the spectator's own hands.

A playing card is freely chosen and shuffled into the deck of cards by an audience member. A different coloured deck is then used to find the chosen playing card. The magician then deals out cards face up, and asks to the spectator to just think about their card and call out 'stop' in their mind when they spot their playing card. The magician finds the chosen card under these impossible conditions.

However, the magician tells the spectator that the chosen playing card has a different coloured back. The magician shows again that the selected card returns to it's normal colour!

So the standard premise of a card trick is initiated, a card is chosen and then shuffled back into the deck of playing cards. The magician then wraps a rubber band around the deck to secure all the cards, nothing gets in, nothing gets out. The magician gestures and amazingly the selected playing card flies out from the deck and spins in a boomerang card fashion in to the magician's awaiting hand!

This is Mark Wong's handling of the classic Open Prediction effect. A face down mystery card is left on a table BEFORE a card is selected and signed

A spectator's selection disappears from on top of the deck in a very visual fashion. It is then revealed to be in the middle of the deck sandwiched between two face up jokers!

In Your Face
A Playing card is chosen and lost back into the deck. The performer seemingly pulls out the selected card from the middle of the deck with a deft flick of the wrists!

This is a playing card to spectator's pocket without the fuss of learning how to pick pocket your spectators, or rather PUT pocket your spectators! A spectator signs their selection and it is returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled. The magician then shows a joker card and puts it into the spectator's pocket. Whilst the magician is looking for the card it becomes apparent that the signed selection has disappeared, the spectator is asked to check the Joker in their pocket and it is revealed to have changed into the spectator's signed card.

SCP (Spring Card Production)
This is not only a flourishy production but it is also a colour changing deck routine! A card is selected and returned to the deck, it is A playing card is selected, signed and shuffled into the deck. Performer springs the face up deck. A FACE DOWN card (which is the selected card) is produced from the MIDDLE of the deck! Finally, performer changes the entire deck into a different coloured back from the selected card.